Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cannes Days

In pictures.

In Cannes, these days, everything in on the road.

Wah, the rain!

Nice shoes (question mark).

That must be comfy.

Destruction going once...

 Going twice...

...picture perfect.

Leave him alone!

Bella Heathcote, that's her name, in case you're wondering.

Freida and Jane.

Stunning Asia Argento.

I have a continuous crush on this actress. 
And I didn't even liked any of the couple of characters I watched her perform!
Which one of them was the real bitch, in Love Actually!

Guess who?

Beautiful actress, Emmanuelle Devos.

I wonder if they already seen their favorite...

Good rest of the week.


Written by Madonna and Alek Keshishian.
Directed by Madonna.

You couldn’t run from those infamous reviews, so I never imagined I would enjoy and appreciate this film as much as I did. I confess the awareness of the spell so called Abbie Cornish, but it wasn’t even entirely that. It was pretty much the whole package. From the Costume Design, to the beautiful soundtrack, to the impeccable Andrea Riseborough, I have to confess that she, Madonna, had me. She was able to fool me, to put a fantasy spell on me, to take me away to someplace else for two hours.
I’m very passionate about films, I don’t know if I’ve mention this before. I’ll obviously see it again right away (which I already did by now) to find a stable state of consciousness. But I don’t need that really. There’s something about the story telling that leads you to feel there’s something vacant. Wally is a character where motivations are hard to follow, yes there’s something to do with family but maybe there isn’t just a reason. There’s the historic side by which I can’t argue because I ignore it. I think the weakness is really Madonna’s vision at times, like towards the end, because maybe it is too present. But when the author’s point of view became a bad thing? Why would it be? This time, it feels so. But, am I just trying to find excuses? Am I looking for them, somehow forcing them? Because even the whole story I found myself digging and appreciating. Even in the way Madonna used these two characters and interacted with them, in this narrative line cut between Wallis Simpson and Wally from New York City. I was so emerged with these characters. So for brief moments I don’t understand it. Is it possible that everyone seemed to have done a wonderful job except for Madonna’s direction and co-written script?

We have the great and imaginative work of editing, both image and sound, the cinematography that creates these two worlds with this light and floating connection. The crucial and breathtaking soundtrack that in every way brought the film to this unique melancholy journey of damaged and connected souls, the outstanding costume design that blows one’s mind over, putting the characters in this perfectionist pose and own intellect.  Oh the clothes, I was in awe with those clothes and Abbie Cornish in those clothes. There’s the obvious need to stand out the bravery of Abbie Cornish and the equally brave Andrea Riseborough. The entire cast was great, maybe except King Bernie and his wife (played by Laurence Fox and Natalie Dormer) because it’s always hard to follow one Colin Firth and one Helena Bonham Carter. I think that, again, Abbie took yet another role into a subtle ground of concentration. She was representing a certain class from American society and not for one second she derived herself from that state and yet with a beautiful and believable subtlety.

So is it possible? At this point, what do I know? Yes, I still feel confusing because every review I read is, well, negative. But I believe this was a very thoughtful film. It contains a clear position. It was Madonna’s vision all the way through. I dare to say she was a perfectionist. 
W.E can’t be no one else’s masterpiece but Madonna’s, but it is her masterpiece.


Apart from Cannes, in other continent, someone graduated. I confess tears came down my face. I’m sure lot of people will miss her more than me, because they’ve been following her a lot more years. It’s sad but it’s also good, because hopefully she’ll have many more characters to give life and entertain us. So, as many say to the graduates, good luck!

You'll be missed a lot.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cannes Days

So, how are you enjoying your Cannes days? If you’re actually in Cannes well (arrrrghh) good for you! Enjoy, for me. Even though it’s been raining, I’m sure it’s still fun to watch all kinds of films from all kinds of places in those majestic theaters and also be able to discuss them with other movie fans. If you want to trade, I’m happy to do it. Ok, enough, I think you realized already I want to be there.

Day 1
Andrea Arnold: “I wouldn't like one of my films to be selected to appear at Cannes just because I'm a woman. If only a few female directors appear in the Official Selection, it's because not many women make films. It's a real shame.”
Female Director Odds. That’s this year’s talk. Only one woman has been awarded de Palm D’or. And there’s been made a petition, even. And a silent protest.

The troops.

“Moonrise Kingdom” – Had overall good reviews. And if you’re someone who likes to hear the negative side there are always annoying fuckers saying negative stuff, understandably fair. I also heard it was an ode to Arrested Development. Sounds good to me.

Wow, look at her, all by herself! 
She came a long…or a short way. In two years three major films at Cannes….is she in Madagascar?

Day 2

“Rust and Bone” – it’s deep, challenging and with good performances. And there will be tears. Good enough for me.

They are saying it's Marion Cotillard’s possibly second best, after her performance in La Vie en Rose. If it’s a second best it is easily an Oscar contender, if not a winner! Remember that Lie Vie en Rose was the most memorable thing I’ve ever seen.

 I would be so glad to see CĂ©line Sallette again in a big screen. By the way, why on earth didn’t she go to the photocall? What a shame. You can see her in this photo above, she’s the one in pink. Yap, I have a crush on her. Since, you know, one crazy film called L’apollonide. She's definitely someone to watch.

Chopard Trophy Prize - Americanos Shailene Woodley and Ezra Miller.

I was going for weird, but no, this young man has a personality.

Paradies: Liebe (Paradis: Amour) – the disturbing one. It’s a story about European women. 
Well, shit.

Day 3

Haiti Benefit Event
Sean Penn “This word "humanitarian" - people who know me know that I do not like it very much. When I work in Haiti, I don't want people calling me an aid worker. Sometimes we are just in certain places at certain times. If we weren't alongside these people, we'd be ashamed.”

"It's not only celebrities who went for a day… It's the whole fucking world. It's all of you.”
He is fair and fair. Plain simple.

“Reality”, By Matteo Garrone.

 “No”, by Pablo Larrain. I heard it’s really good.

Laurence Anyways - “Ambitious and admirable” 
Yes, it's unfortuntely see through. The see through moment of the Cannes' red carpet.

Jada: "Are you in the movie?"
Jessica: "Yeah, nice to meet you for the first time".
Or the alternative.
Jada: "You're here for the money, too?"
Jessica: "Yeah!".

Yes, she was in Madagascar. And it was awkward!
She said she auditioned for the role, which must have been fun!

In production, from Cannes – The famous lesbian novel, “The Price of Salt”, will be adapted to screen under “Carol”, starring Cate Blanchett and Mia Wasikowska. If only they would speak with their Australian accents. 

Films about women:

“Beats of the Southern Wild” – It’s one of those films I’m ready to emerge in and just get into another world.

“Beyond the Hills” , Official Selection - The story centers on a passionate “friendship” between two teenage girls which comes under strife when one of them turns to the church. She becomes a nun and takes God into her heart as her one and only love. Her friend has a problem with this. She wants things to be the way they once were. (Sasha Stone, Awards Daily)

Day 4

Tom Hardy hasn’t seen The Godfather. I like him, for saying this.

Lawless – It’s an overall mixed going for negative reception, I think. We’re talking in terms of Cannes’ level so it’s possibly an ok film. 

Shia had a short film playing and people said good stuff about I'm curious.

"Antivirus" a film by Brandon Cronenberg.
The story is about David Cronenberg's son and no one taking him serious or not. 
I don't mean the story of the film, obviosuly.

The Cronenberg's have an eye on her, Sarah Gadon. So do I, so do I.

Day 5

"The Hunt", Official Selection.

 "Amour" -  It’s a simple film and it’s all about wisdom.

The rain!

"Confessions of a Child of the Century"
"Not looking too good, if we're being honest. (I mean the film, not Doherty.)"
(Andrew Pulver, from The Guardian)

Day 6
Like Someone in love – Kiarostami’s film has no beginning and no end. Like I’m surprised.

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ yet – New film by someone legendary called Alain Renais. Have you seen "Night and Fog"? You must.

In Another Country – Possibly the weaker film from Official Selection.
Not only she’s in two films competing for the gold, she plays three different characters in this one. She’s always a strong contender. But I would go for Marion Cotillard. 

Day 7
 Too much flash?

The Angel’s Share – Looking for some British entertainment?

Killing Them Softly – Strong response, possibly strong film.

New Project, from Cannes – Lynne Ramsey will direct Natalie Portman in a western. The story will focus on a woman whose outlaw husband returns home nearly dead from bullet wounds. The woman must then reach out to an ex-lover for help defending her farm when her husband's gang come to finish him off. (IndieWire).

Hoping to have the patience and time to get together more Cannes moments in pictures. Until then, good days.