Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saving Face

Cinema seems to be the great vehicle to the endless diversity co-existing in this world. It shows us different cultures that we’re not comfortable with and yet once represented in the screen gives us some strange tolerance. ‘Saving Face’ takes a simple story, those we are just open to have some fun but through that fun creates an understandable and meaningful plot. This one represents the Chinese culture, with its mannerisms and beliefs in a very ‘light’ and pleasant way.

Set in Manhattan, a succeeded Chinese-American surgeon Wil is surprised by her mother’s arrival, a 48 years old widow. Ma was banished from Queens where her father discovered that she was pregnant. Her presence affects the personal life of Wil, who is in love with the dancer Vivian which later Wil finds she’s the daughter of her boss. Once her grandfather has promised that her mother would only return to Queens whether remarried or proving that it was an immaculate conception, Wil tries to find a Chinese bachelor to marry her mother.
 What makes this film so pleasant and easy to like, beyond its light approach to its different themes, is that it tells us that no matter how different our cultures are we have and always will have many things in common, especially in the emotions we share. It is as simple as that. If someone dies we are in grief. If we begin a relationship it will never be easy. People gossip whether they are Chinese or French. We still have flaws, but maybe we cannot show it in the same way or in the same actions because we all live under different grounds and rules, whether we born in New York or in Berlin.  That’s what I like about ‘Saving Face’ and that’s what makes the film so interesting. This film’s simplicity in its different shots and in people’s kindness and sympathy, especially in Wil’s, it is driven by very funny moments and hilarious dialogues. 

This is also a homosexual story.  At this aspect there are typical or at least as I should refer - homosexual moments used properly and wittingly. One of the things that make this film particularly especial is the approach to this couple. It’s very honest and warm, from the first eye contact to the flirting and continuous chemistry. Vivian’s sensuality opposed to Wil’s shyness and modesty and her reluctance to any public connection with her girlfriend. The ultimate step for someone like Wil is when Vivian asks her – “Kiss me. Now. In front of all this people.”
It was a very surprising film and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


When life overcomes cinema, I couldn't help but talk about this amazing someone. I'm always in a healthy struggle to stick with 'Cinema' but I can't help myself this time. So here it goes. Hope Solo. Even the name stands out. She is the goalkeeper of USA Soccer Team and coincidentally she was the first face I noticed when I was watching my first game from the World Cup, the quarter finals game between United States and Sweden where she lost 1-3. Curiously I would also see her loose again and lastly in the final.
One thing stood out – the way she walked with her head up. Later, throughout the rest of the game, just the way she stood out. I’m making this perception based only on this – watching her in the games. I really didn’t need much else to conclude what I’m about to say about her attitude. 

Hope Solo is someone to follow as an Ideal Athlete. She’s determined, with a strong personality and who walks with her head up after losing. This is one hell of an attitude. 
To walk with your face up tells a lot about you. I briefly read about some disagreements Hope had with a previous USA Coach. I don’t have a clue to what lead to those disagreements but only assures that she doesn’t stay silent, she speaks out. I really didn’t needed much else than just watching her in the games to conclude what a great athlete she is and what powerful attitude she’s made of. Just to look at her incredible popularity in the crowds, the amount of fans she had. It was all about Solo; “Marry Me Hope I’m Solo” or “Solo for President”.

When someone like Hope Solo has everything in the right place and knows he or she has to sacrifice the body a lot and take risks but especially has strong mental resistance everything else comes out with good results, sooner than later. I’m sure you can ask Hope Solo, it’s all in the mind.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Actors Acting

Praising a character – Debra Morgan by Jennifer Carpenter

First I think this role is incredible, not only makes the connection of vulnerability and human fragileness in opposition to her brother Dexter, but she’s also incredibly human and amusing. Jennifer Carpenter is great in it, especially in Fourth Season. She doesn’t have much credits from this role (obviously Dexter/ Michael C. Hall steals the show) but she really deserves a praise. We know Dexter is generally a really great work. I loved the fifth season and let’s see what else Dexter can bring us! But here I am talking about Dexter, which wasn’t really supposed to be the idea.

Jennifer Carpenter was the idea and her role was the idea. Her character is just so well written and she plays it in such a way. She’s incredibly masculine, tomboy, and clear. She plays a tough person but we fast realize how fragile she really is.

Fuck yeh Debra Morgan.

The title of the video tells what I want to say.

And the Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG Award goes to!
Like I’ve been saying, Dexter’s Sister is really great and in a complete opposite characters Debra/Jennifer stands as good as Dexter/Michael.
Dexter is a masterfull series and is great that still runs for another season so, I let you with one of the very awesome scenes! 

Again, just read the title of the video!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Images of Women

So, this is what is called Philogyny?
I guess there's always a name to something.
Probably too much...I don't know!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sports Edition - Personal Best

A few days ago I saw 'Personal Best', a sports film where highly ranked athletes compete for the national team. And oh god how I miss sports! That's the first thing that comes to mind (because now I'm lazy and only ride my bike!). Then it's about the importance it brings to our lives and the ties we experience.
Being in a team can be the most meaningful experience in life - we support each other, we take care of each other, we give strength to each other and we do it effortlessly. We take pain that we never thought we were able to handle, we lose for half a second or less, we wake up at six am or sooner to be up for hours and hours of practice...The team becomes our family, they become our brothers and sisters and coaches our right arm.
Sometimes I forgot how important sports are, even if they are individual. I miss my sport; I don't want to be cocky or anything but swimming is the most beautiful sport, in every level. Sports are healthy as hell for the body but especially for the mind.

'Personal Best' comes in a time when I'm completely astonished by the power of female athletes from the World Cup, specially the United States team, I must say; I mean, football isn't my thing, but it's a World Cup. And when the Swimming World Championships starts tomorrow! I don't watch TV...only Eurosport! And the next week will be just that.

I mean, look at this!

About the film, finally - I think it was a very honest film; the likelihood was interesting and I guess I can call it boldness about the romance between the two main characters; it was complex and serious in it's approach. It was an entertaining film.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

News from Hollywood

Where should I start? I think I will start with the most powerful bombs and then slowly get to the new film stills.


Top of quality. I don't know when it came out, I just know I saw it today and it looks too powerfull. Just to look at the cast; you can name your favourite, but this isn't about favourites cause I can't choose really, it's about their professionalism. 

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I just wanted to point out the name Noomi Rapace...and visual effects...and Robert Downey Jr., etc!

The Girl

First of all, I wouldn't mind if I watched five films with Abbie Cornish per year. So I suffer a little, just a little. 
This is the first picture from her latest film, where she learned to speak Spanish. 
This film has an interesting background; it's been in pre-production for quite some time, Emily Blunt was playing Abbie Cornish's part. She really liked the story. Now is in Abbie's hands. And I'm really looking forward to see her work, like any other project she gets involved. 

The Hobbit: An Enexpected Journey

I mean, how can I look at this picture and not think about how much I loved The Lord of the Rings? I used to say it was my favorite film (as in the three of them)! Even if fantasy and lot of visual effects weren't my thing I still loved it. Not that I like the trilogy any less, but time passes and I began to watch a lot of films (like 'The Hours', without much thought became one of my favorites) at the same time I was building by personality more, let's say consciously, and Lord of the Rings start to be forgot;  like everything else.
I didn't realize until now they are really coming back. 
Oh, except Arwen and Aragorn (sadly).


Kate Winslet comes in two this year, extremely interesting. Other interesting thing must be how Polanski directs this comedy drama...

About the Emmys...well it's not my specialty so congrats to the nominated!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Performing - Muriel and Rhonda

I cracked. What a laugh. 
Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths with wigs singing Abba. 
Muriel's Wedding is a great film!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Liv Days


These days I've been around Liv a good deal. I've officially seen all of her films (excluding 'Super' and 'The Ledge') and reviewed the others. I know it isn't that difficult since she has twenty and some...it gets harder with Meryl Streep career for once! But Liv is Liv and now I want to write something about her film career/my faithfulness for her!

Even this little video...she makes me stand the song and everything!
 God, she's already 34...She really takes me back to older times.

Liv will soon be around here in full measure.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Crush on her

Anna Mouglalis

I only saw one film with her (excluding the short and comic film by Karl Lagerfeld), 'Gainsbourg'; she had one sequence and it seemed she was in her late forties (she's actually thirty three!) I definitely want to see more films she's in.

For your consideration - Her Voice

 Jesus...I like hearing French Women!

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep is back. She already made me laugh!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Generation - Part IV

And they're back!
Adele Haenel

You can know her from 'Water Lilies' but her debut film is tremendous. It's a disturbing and heartbreaking story with a courageous performance. I should compare it to Leo DiCaprio in 'Gilbert Grape' but it's always different. The film is called 'Les Diables'. I guess she's popular around the web, people want her in american films...so let's wait and hope she'll keep doing amazing work.

Jessica Chastain

Last Frebruary I mentioned her, "Jessica Chastain is a rising star and I'm sure in no time she'll start to be talked about for major roles". Last year I saw 'Jolene'; I felt like i should look out for a possible newcomer, since she had lots of films in production (including a Terrence Malick film, with Brad Pitt). I really liked her in Jolene, she had to go trough lot of different moments with her character and she did it strongly; she was the essence of the film. 'This is her year'; it's what everybody been saying. Not every day an actor has five films ready to be released, and all them rather interesting; as simple as that. Oscar buzz is always a fair consideration, probably for 'Take Shelter', rather than 'The Tree of Life'. I'm looking forward to see 'The Debt', 'Take Shelter' and 'The Help'.

Andrea Riseboroug

'Brighton Rock' and 'Made in Dagenham'. She'll star in 'W.E', by Madonna and starring Abbie Cornish. She's also in a production I'm very interested in, it's called 'Shadow Dancer'; I don't know if she has the leading role, but the story is really interesting and it's directed by James Marsh ('Man on Wire').

Gemma Arterton

British actresses are always worth being looked for. I was completely entertained with 'Tamara Drewe'; she quickly emerged in Hollywood Blockbuster films but she also managed to do a weird and awesome film called 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed'. But the weirdest film in production must be this vampire film by Neil Jordan called 'Byzantium', where a mother and daughter vampire duo form a deadly pact.

Nora Arnezeder

Another young French actress; she introduced herself officially with a musical with considerable success called 'Faubourg 36". First thing that comes to my mind I have to say, and I don't wanna be mean or anything but let's face it, it's her beauty. She's extremely beautiful. But she also sings very beautifully. She starts to make 
her presence in Hollywood with brief appearances in 'Safe House' and 'The Words'. 

Hafsia Herzi
'La graine et le mulet' is those type of films. It was her entrance into the cinema. Like, I don't know, 'Riscky Business' for Tom Cruise, only better. She's definitely someone to look for. (Besides, she's alongside Adele in 'L'apollonide'.)

Emily Browning
Australian actress? I love australians. 'Sleeping Beauty' seems weird enough to look for!

Emma Watson
I don't know, she seems extremely intelligent to me. If she keeps doing films she's definitely someone to look for. Her official film (excluding a TV movie and 'The Tale of Despereaux' where she gives her voice) after Harry Potter is 'My Week with Marilyn'.

I think this is it for now. 
I'm sure I'm letting out lot of possible inspirational young talents but I'll be keeping my eye on them. Until then let's wait and look for the good and inspirational work of others.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Howl - Why I'm different

I just saw the film 'Howl' and I loved its subject. 
There are essential words in it.
The film talks about writing and especially the process of living life, being true to yourself and your work. 
I found it extremely essential for people who wants to be writers or people who don't know what to do, actually. It's about being who you are, through the point of view of Allen Ginsberg.

This film is divided between different moments and shots - there is a documental side where the protagonist talks about his journey in life; we have moments when we see the words from 'Howl' in an animated form; we also have the trial scenes where we can see the different perspectives upon a creative and personal work, which tell us something about the question 'what is art'. 

I really enjoyed hearing the protagonist talk about his journey in life. 
From how he started writing to the realization that people wouldn't be shocked by an expression of feeling. To the frankness of writing the same way you are to the process of creating something that sometimes makes sense and sometimes it doesn't. To fear trapes in life to self examination and the reasons why everyone else is different and why I am different and why you are different. 
Extremely interesting observations. Amazing film.

"How funny would be, in the middle of a long poem, If I said: who let themselves be fucked in the ass and scream with JOY", Allen Ginsberg.