Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Will Be Unprepared

For sure I’m not fucking ready for “Sucker Punch”.
And why wouldn’t I be prepared? It’s a cast with leading women, five. All they do is kick ass. And there’s Abbie Cornish, not being dramatic. So yeah, I’m not really prepared because it’s not every day that I see a cast full of women kicking ass, not gently. And who cares if it’s going to be a masterpiece? Who cares about the story telling? Who cares if it looks like a video game? I’m an indie kind of person but like Deneuve says, “that's what I like about film - it can be bizarre, classic, normal, romantic. Cinema is to me the most versatile thing.” And here’s what I say, I’m definitely open to video games!
For someone who mentioned a couple of times the lack of feminine leading roles…what else can I ask for?  Not like it’s an Oscar type but let’s face it it’s not like Women get to do this all that often and definitely not in this ‘big’ scale. So here I have it.
This kick ass film reminds me of another “Kick Ass” film, which was one of my favorite films of 2010. 

The Day After

Here I am, looking at both ends of the bridge.
Thursday night I saw Hereafter, a film by Clint Eastwood and written by Peter Morgan who deals with a very septic topic involving death and what happens after that.
The first minutes of the film you find yourself amazed by the scenes from a vicious tsunami that takes the lives of hundreds of thousands letting us feel quite astonished and perplexed about how they made it so ‘real’ and frightening. If you are open enough about themes you can feel some disbelief or skepticism you can find this to be an extremely interesting and reflective film about life. I personally loved it.
Here’s the curious thing, I wake up the next morning I look at the TV and I see Breaking News, Japan just suffered one of the most horrific natural catastrophes in history. When my mom sees scenes like the frightening tsunami in “Hereafter” she usually asks “How they do that?” Well she certainly didn’t ask any of that when she was looking at the horrifying images from Japan. The curious thing I’m trying to reach here is that my mom also comments how when she was little and was watching films she feared at some point, she always had that inner relief of saying “Oh that’s just a movie…” Now she’s realizing she can’t say that sentence much often. We look at the images and there is no special camera with depth neither visual effects and it’s more frightening because, well, it’s real.
There’s also this form of telling stories visually called a Documentary, once described as “creative treatment of actuality” and that’s something we should think when it comes to trying to send a message and can also be both interesting and entertaining.
So, here it is another strong reminder that films are here to entertain us when things seem pretty messed up and scary and that’s why I’ll be keeping writing posts with films that might makes you forget the world outside for an hour and an half.


Described as 'probably the most subversive and preverse superhero movie ever made' by IndieWire (yes, I know you can read it on the trailer) it's something I've been really looking forward to see. It looks really fun and extrimely entertaining! (Personal) Plus: Liv Tyler.
Is it me or Comics are getting better and better? "The Dark Knight", "Iron Man", "Kick Ass", "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World", I guess we should be with an eye on what they will do with "Wonder Woman" (TV movie though). We already know the Woman, Adrianne Palicki.

Meanwhile, doesn't this one looks Super Awesome?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Moment in a Film

Also today, an actress would celebrate this day. Lynn Redgrave would celebrate her 68th anniversary. But she's gone. I've been dying to show this moment in the film "Kinsey" which I believe it's purely beautiful and Lynn Redgrave gives such a strong realism and braveness to the scene that I found it heart breaking.
"Kinsey" it's a very interesting film, the theme itself is all about giving a meaning to our lives and strength to pursuit our desires or let's say, dreams.

This woman speaks directly to us explaining how Kinsey's work touched her own life.

Women Inc.

So today is Women’s Day. I decided to represent it through some movie titles! There’s lot of titles that include the feminine gender. So, here it goes (including very different types).

Women in Trouble
 There's this quote from a British series I remembered now: "They're not actually crazy...they're just women".

8 Femmes (Eight Women)
 It can't get any better than this. A cast full of women, there's no men at all. Can only mean one thing...trouble! This is one hilarious and entertaining musical. I confess I already saw it four times and I feel like watching it now!

 Yes! Deneuve and Huppert in the same film. Ok and Emmanuelle Beart and Fanny Ardant and Virgine Ledoyen and Ludivine Sagnier.

The Good Girl
The woman:, not 'Jen'. Zooey Deschanel. Her sarcasm is too much for me.

All the Real Girls
 She is also amazing in being dramatic.

Little Women
You can't see here, but Christian Bale is in the middle of them!

Bad Girls
It might be ridiculous, might, but it's always fun to watch girls being strong and with pistols. It’s worth it just to look at these four girls, Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson and Andie McDowell and Drew Barrymore.

Conversations with Other Women
I don't really get it...because it's all about a conversation between a man and a woman, who happen to have a past in common.  

Helen Bonham Carter maybe is just not a woman but many others.

Calendar Girls
British film, with British women in the British country's a very British and also amusing film!

The Sisters
I know this is more parenting related than feminine gender but I had to talk about this just to mention Maria Bello. She is such a tremendous actress. 

The Incredible True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love.
Wow, it's all about the title! But yes, wouldn't be right if there wasn't girl with girl or girl on girl, whatever they do together. Two very genuine girls, who don't have anything in common than liking each other, fight with the odds of being together.

Tina Fey would be an interesting subject too!


And discuss the many whys to this:

Yes, I could talk about it. I love the subject, in particular. I could talk about how less representative they are in the ‘big places’, and the few main roles they have, how important it is to defend them.
But I choose to put these questions in the air for reflection.