Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Earth

Written by Mike Cahill and Brit Marling.
Directed by Mike Cahill.

The story written by Brit Marling and Mike Cahill is so will driven that makes you believe that there’s another earth. It utterly let us take our minds into this story. It’s so deep and consistent that we believe it’s possible. The story involves us in these feelings that as the protagonist closes her eyes, me as deep in this world, feel the need of closing my eyes too. But I didn’t because I didn’t want to miss a second of this film. I started loving it from the first moment and then growing and growing until the last breath. As the credits started rolling I was sort of hit deep down, I was so involved with the story that I had this slight emotional break down! This is been rarer and rarer, these days.
The thing is, I was expecting something special but I didn’t have any idea it would be this beautiful. It caught me off guard, so I was astonished.
Brit Marling is indeed a discovery. I pray to the Hollywood Gods to let her be, to let her stay around for many years exactly who she is, to let her do this for many years. I pray she won’t go away.

Beautiful performance.

Here are other reasons why we should praise her:
We're all drinking from this cultural milk in which there are not many stories of strong, powerful, sexy, entitled women because there are not yet that many female writer-directors, but that's changing. That confusion-that oh my God she writes!-is so strange. It's funny. I just think there aren't many representations of how to be a girl or woman in the world. 
Another heartfelt Indie gem.

It is getting really difficult to choose my favorite indie of the year. I will probably have to do a Top Ten!

Picture Moment


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Katy, the Host

Katy Perry Hosting Saturday Night Live - already dying here, of excitement!

This was probably one of my favorites, from all that I saw on SNL.
Maya and Amy are genious and the best part is that Katy Perry acts so cool.
I think she would rock in a Judd Apatow film. I would vote for it. She's a natural. 


A love letter.

I’ve been just enjoying it, episode by episode, no rush. I have time and time to watch this amazing series because I have years ahead to follow.
I need to start by point out this great tenderness I have towards ‘ER’ because it reminds me of my childhood. I was such a kid. I can easily remember John Carter because I saw him again years later, probably a decade later. But I didn’t remember George Clooney or Julianna Mergulies. I do remember all this doctors constantly saving lives. I remember sometimes I was too afraid of watching so I would look away or close my eyes because sometimes there was too much blood. What I remember the most was the helicopters arriving to the hospital, actually. That stayed in my memory very vividly. 

‘ER’ was my mom’s favorite show and still is. Now, watching the first season, for the first time really, it’s only clearer and obvious why it was such a tremendous success. It’s only a confirmation. I finished the first season really fast and I loved it. I was so impressed by it, so impressed by these amazing characters. The first season will stay very dear to me, my favorite really.

Starting with the intro, which was an instant classic. It’s this perfect representation – it’s suffocating rhythm and the emergency sense that comes out of it. Then the doctors and nurses all with this unique temper. What is so great about this series is really the relations between these people, the interaction between all of them in one work place. Sometimes it’s like we are in this Robert Altman’s film where everything is happening in just one shot; we can look at many different points and see that there is something happening. It’s about this constant environment. I know saying this series are unbelievably human is obvious, because lives are constantly being saved but it’s much more than that. It’s also how the story telling puts these characters, without pretentiousness, in these vulnerable positions, in moments of imminent stress, when you stay amazed by the reality of the situation. Not to mention the team work, the casting crew and production.

ER is special. It’s also so great to watch this show with my mom because she remembers. And I always have to hear her asking me this same question, every time Susan walks in a scene: how beautiful is she? And I have to confirm it.

Meanwhile Season 2 is gone and I’m into the third one. Susan is gone and I’ll be grieving her absence very deeply and sadly. I will miss her. Only five years later I’ll be able to see her again. Until then, lots of episodes I’ll be watching.

P.S - I just started watching Season Four...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time…there was a Jamie.

I think it started this summer. I mean, I’ve been watching TV series for a while, but not like this. Now I’m hopelessly drawn in this addictive carousel of characters and different stories. I think I watch ten different series, which for some is a ridiculous number.
Anyway, I’m here to make a personal note on this show ‘Once Upon a Time’ that I wouldn’t notice (even if I cheat a little, I click forward only sometimes) if it wasn’t for the name Jamie Dornan. The one and only Jamie. The thought of watching this Irish lad from Belfast on a TV series never really crossed my mind, and much less in a show like this one – the least credible and with a really great number of viewers. It was more like a hopeful and unreal thought. 

But here he is. He’s a secondary character but I don’t even care. He is Jamie. Every time he walks in a scene it’s like the scene takes a whole new dimension. He’s speaking and walking around. I can hear his voice! Then he smiles and that is it. You may found him around ‘the fashion spot’ area but he’s getting into Hollywood. I really hope I get to see him in theaters one of these days (since I already missed a chance with ‘Marie Antoinette’). From Keira Knightley’s boyfriend to Keira Knightley’s ex-boyfriend to Keira Knightley’s former lover to Calvin Klein model. I know him (not personally, jesus) probably since 2004 so it’s been a long road for him but he’s finally getting roles, so I’m glad. And he’s a natural. Not only he acts and knows what he’s doing, he also has this amazing voice. 

Fairytale - it makes sense right now.

He wants Marlo Brando's roles!

Game on!

‘Once Upon a Time’ is actually a pretty interesting and cute series that earns this particular reputation because it’s different and it’s imaginative; it’s exceptional from other series. There are no vampires that shine in the sun whatsoever. It’s a fantasy tale. That’s probably the reason for its success.

And I, shamefully, need to make a note on Jennifer Morrison. I haven’t notice her hotness before so when she walks the room with that tight pink dress then kicking ass like a bounty hunter it was a ‘let me take a minute’ moment. And about the tank top: I would love to understand and also explain why women look so attractive in tank tops. These lesbian tendencies of making me stop and take a ‘wow’ moment. It’s not like it’s a freaking hot dress or something, it’s just a simple tank top.

 Anyway, here I am shamefully talking about superficial aspects when I should be mentioning the last episode of Once Upon a Time, this pretty naughty episode where Graham, the Sheriff, is being a bad boy.

Hope to see you more often, Jamie. I know you’ve wanted to be an actor for quite a while, so keep going. With love, always,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Oscar Season

Curiosities before the Oscars night.This tendencies are always intriguing to know. Like this one in particular, that makes me laugh:
"Gay roles can win Oscars but only if the characters, who must die hideous deaths, are portrayed by straight people."

Felicity Hoffman was robbed that year. 

The thing is, these are wonderful stories that go beyond the gay aspect and where these feelings are universal.

Hilary Swank first Oscar.

Like Sean Penn's character. He portrayed this amazing human being with a tremendously tragic story. It wouldn't be fair if the Oscar went to someone else rather than him.

You don't see Charlize Theron, you just can't. She was nuts.

Another great story.

And this is how Tom Hanks won his first Oscar, playing someone dying of AIDS.

This year the tendency will keep going with Christopher Plummer's praised performance in 'Beginners', which will lead to a probable Oscar win.

But there are exceptions, like Rick Gervais mentioned in his last Golden Globes presentation about ‘I Love You Phillipe Norris’, where two heterosexual actors pretend to be gay. 

By the way, I’m really excited to see another of his controversial hosting abilities. To see him ruining what is left of the Hollywood reputation!

Picture Moment - Sister Act

Here they are, my favorite amusing sisters. Black and White.

This is one of my favorite of favorite pictures.

I love this; It gave me another vision and excitement for musicals. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Quote It

Wladyslaw Szpilman: No. Please. I'm Polish. I'm not a German. 
Polish Soldier: Then why the fucking coat? 

Wladyslaw Szpilman: I'm cold.

The Pianist

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oscar Season

News update!

Whether you heard it or not, over the past few days a controversy around Hollywood has burst when Oscar Producer Brett Ratner made some comments using the ‘faggot’ word which resulted in shit. He fucked up. So he resigned. Which lead to Eddie Murphy quitting his position as the Host of the Oscars. Which made me so sad (or not).

Now Bryan Gazer is producing and the Host spot is open again.

I heard someone saying Melissa McCarthey. I think it’s such a perfect idea. I would totally vote for her. It would be great. Just thinking of her SNL show, which was so good, this would be the climax of a great year for Women in Cinema. It would be just perfect.

Oh, I guess there was no time for consideration. News Update - Billy Crystal is BACK as Oscar Host.
Does the word nostalgia comes to your mind? I don't know. I really don't remenber Oscar before 2004 so I can't say much, only that I'm up for it. Everything, anything. Everyone, anyone. Let's bring the Oscars.

P.S - I still think Melissa McCarthy should be perfect as Oscar Host. Maybe next year.