Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oscar Season

News update!

Whether you heard it or not, over the past few days a controversy around Hollywood has burst when Oscar Producer Brett Ratner made some comments using the ‘faggot’ word which resulted in shit. He fucked up. So he resigned. Which lead to Eddie Murphy quitting his position as the Host of the Oscars. Which made me so sad (or not).

Now Bryan Gazer is producing and the Host spot is open again.

I heard someone saying Melissa McCarthey. I think it’s such a perfect idea. I would totally vote for her. It would be great. Just thinking of her SNL show, which was so good, this would be the climax of a great year for Women in Cinema. It would be just perfect.

Oh, I guess there was no time for consideration. News Update - Billy Crystal is BACK as Oscar Host.
Does the word nostalgia comes to your mind? I don't know. I really don't remenber Oscar before 2004 so I can't say much, only that I'm up for it. Everything, anything. Everyone, anyone. Let's bring the Oscars.

P.S - I still think Melissa McCarthy should be perfect as Oscar Host. Maybe next year.

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