Friday, March 29, 2013

Insane Lucy Love

A quote from a few years back:
Interviewer: What else are you working on?
Lucy: “Well, I’m on Bedtime Stories for four months. It’s all encompassing. Actually, today I got there early and they told me they wouldn’t need me until after lunch. So I responded, “Oh, you’ll see me,” and went and put on this crazy wig and these crazy glasses and this ill-fitting outfit and went to play an extra. I had this cigarette in my hand, and everyone was going, “Who is this crazy, drugged-out woman?” Then security come and arrested me and I dissolved into this shrieking crazy woman. It’s all for the B-roll, which should be interesting. There’s always ways to keep busy on the set.”


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top of the Lake

God, this is unbearable. Having to wait for episodes…noooo, not Top of the Lake, this is the kind of show I want to see straight up in the one night, at least that’s what I wanted from the first ten minutes of episode one.

So far so great, a pleasure to watch the beauty, the mystery, the density that it is Jane Campion’s work.

Really, I can't wait...aren't the episodes all available yet?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Domino Keira

"I think you're just a scared little girl with some serious daddy issues."


Photo Moment

Is this photoshopped or something??

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adèle Haenel, 4 times

I see you!

From Cannes 11.

A special request - to whoever has photos or videos or has been on the set or basically knows something about Andre Techiné's new project with Deneuve, Canet and Haenel please share with us. 
Or send me something!
Please and thank you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adèle Haenel, news

L’Art de la Guerre
This is another very low budget film, I think long feature debut for the director, he’s been doing some work also on the documentary form. According to the Casting Call description from Facebook, here’s the storyline:
After his father’s death, a son is confronted with his past and his original culture which he’s been denying. He goes on to learn about his father’s mysterious disappearance and he falls in love with a childhood friend. Divided between commitments and family secrets, it’s time to choose between two cultures, between two women…

I figure Adèle might be one of the two women (once again). Pictures from Marie Augustin.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sisters Mara

These two sisters are breaking the hell through and I’m loving it.
Two awesome individuals stepping up their qualities.

House of Cards

There’s Kate, with this really interesting character in the new awesome series House of Cards. She plays an intelligent young woman, complex enough in her own workaholic methods and eagerness. She looks stunning, but more importantly she looks confident, mature enough in this role. I think she’s bringing her own individuality to it and she looks really interesting. She looks great.  She’s having so many secondary roles through the years but she’s really stepping up.
I should be talking about House of Cards and the women of House of Cards by the way.

Side Effects

And then there’s Rooney. Let’s all talk about how un-fucking-believably good she is in Side Effects? But ok, first things first, this new film by Steven Soderberg is fucking awesome, it’s astonishing. To think that he may retire is a really unfortunate feeling because every time he brings us a film he brings quality and an absolute certainty of entertainment. Side Effects has a consistent style, is competent and the story only gets better and better as it goes. It’s intelligent and insightful, it’s dynamic, it’s solid, it’s creative, I guess it’s everything you hope to be in an interesting good script. Then this film brings great performances and Rooney Mara really steps up her game. She looks stunning, but the balance she brings to her complex Emily is great. I could say I suspected something, I could say many things, but one thing is certain, I would never figure the outcome of Side Effects and she was one of the reasons why.
P.S - The title Side Effects is so much better than The Bitter makes so much more sense on so many levels!

Friday, March 8, 2013




W is for Women

International Women’s Day

I don’t really have anything special to say on this day. But I don’t want the day to go away without mentioning something. No matter how irrelevant it may be. Actually, by now the day already went by, but nonetheless, here’s why I have Hope Solo and Angelina Jolie above. Hope represents - not only Hope (!) - but sports, and sports represents a lot of things, it represents strength and health, the human spirit at its different levels, it can taught people about discipline, it's excitement and Hope is all that, she struggled, she fought back, she still fights back. Also because I miss the Olympics. Angelina represents choices in life. This may sound hypocrite, take it as you like it, and I already said this many times, not that I wasn’t a good person, but she made me understand the world around me a little more, she made me become more aware, she taught me how important is it being who you are and accepting your own flaws, and other flaws around your life. Sometimes I want to go back to that feeling, to find that genuine energy to care more and love more. I really don’t care if you think the photo I chose is sensationalist, I really don’t care. What you should care is what represents; you should care about the story of that child. I know, do you know? Now will it make a difference on your day tomorrow? Probably not. Is that the entire point? It is necessarily more than that. Just use your imagination. I could write a much better version of this topic, maybe another time, with more thought put into it.

Here's a nicer one.

Needless to say, she may not be on top of my list for favorite actresses but she’s certainly on top of my list for favorite people. She really used to be the woman I most admired in my life, the fact is that she still is, I just don’t see her so often these days so I forget. Do you remember when she was known for being 'Shiloh's mother?', oh those were some crazy days! It’s nice to remember her, because this is my instant response, I admire her and I love her very much. She’s my favorite. She’s my rock.

So I feel like mentioning some of my favorite actresses of today. Plus, other women I love and admire (besides the real ones I know, I mean my mother of course!).

I used to make lists when I was younger, back at the time when in every list there was Pride and Prejudice, Brokeback Mountain, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Walk the Line…whether it was favorite soundtracks, favorite romances, favorite chemistry, favorite actresses…

I really can’t have, or decide, the number one in the supposed list. It has to be split up in two, maybe three. Right now, I would say:

Abbie CornishAdèle Haenel - Keira Knightley.

There’s something in common about these three girls, none of them studied acting.

Abbie is a spirited human being with an irresistible nature, she began modeling at a very young age before started acting, which was at the age of fifteen, a few years later she was moving out of her home and was travelling the world. Adéle made her debut when she was thirteen, then she studied, I think she majored in economics recently, if I’m not mistaken, but thank god, she’s choosing acting. Keira Knightley told her parents she wanted an agent when she was, what, three years old? Anyway, by her teenage years she was already with steady acting roles, so she chose acting over taking an academic degree.

Each one of them brings this different presence, even though, at their core, it’s their intensity that I love, they're really strong - it's their presence I single out - but they are so different, but I really don’t know how to explain it. I think it has to do with their nature.
I think everyone brings a different kind of presence to the screen. Sometimes it feels like a force of nature, like they’re exploding out of the screen. Sometimes it’s a natural presence. Others exhale a class that you wonder where it comes from. Some look unreal, mysterious, and indescribable. In the midst of this, they become nothing but the roles they’re playing, but most importantly it’s when they balance their personality with their roles. Sometimes it’s when it becomes more interesting. In a way, I could argue that what I’m saying until now are all points in common. This is a topic that is hard to describe, the acting, because there are many things to have in consideration. But one thing is certain to me, when I watch Adèle Haenel and Abbie Cornish I don’t feel the same way as when I’m watching Meryl Streep. It’s just different. 

And then I would have:
Catherine Deneuve, it’s addicting to look at this woman. She’s a world apart.

Marion Cotillard, the class I mentioned, it probably has to do with her mimic abilities? I’m kidding.

Léa Seydoux, the director of her film 'Sister' said she could play anyone, from a rich person to someone living in poor conditions – she’s a fairytale.

Alexandra Maria Lara, it’s her quiet presence, her expressive eyes…Gosh I want to see that film about the fall of Hitler again. This is another girl that always comes around.

Meryl Streep
Julianne Moore
Cate Blanchett

Emily Blunt used to be way higher on the list, most of all, it’s her intelligence that I admire, the ability to bring something unique and witty. No matter if it is only a couple of scenes, like in Charlie Wilson’s War, it’s about her ability to turn it into something meaningful and present. She brings this mature approach to her work and that clearly translates in the films she’s in.

Amy Poehler, with this woman, it’s those little moments, it’s the details that just makes you burst in laughter and then followed by admiration. I think people don’t give nearly enough credit to this woman’s acting skills.

Jessica Chastain, the new generation, I have to mention her, she’s just irresistible. The pleasure I had watching her in The Help, the pleasure I had watching her in Jolene and Tree of Life…Zero Dark Thirty…I could go on.

Most of all, these lists represent what comes to our minds at the moment, the now, today. There are so many other actresses I stop mentioning, so when the same names keep coming up as the years go by, they're probably the most significant. 

Other faces:
Watch The Piano Teacher then 8 Femmes, or 8 Femmes and then The Piano Teacher. She gives you a fucked up combo!

Fresh faces:

I don’t think she was ever on my list of favorite actresses, but she was always somewhere, don’t know where, but she was, all over the place, and I really don’t know how to explain it. She’s Liv, and I love Liv. 

Lucy Effyng Lawless.
Ok, are we starting to mention perfect human beings? 

"...Be you" - Tobin Heath.
"Dream big, because dreams do happen."
I never liked the number thirteen so much in my life.
"Smiling is my favorite."
Goofball is named Kelley O'Hara.
How dare they?
Yes, I can't help but bring the USWNT into this...but I have to stop now, because if I start to talk about them this messy post will not end...

What about some music?
Talking about daring...

How dare she sing something like this? How??

Seriously? Seriously?? I dare you? 

Oh my...god...

Anna Calvi finally debuts in one of my posts (my obsession has cooled off a bit, I mean it was a healthy thing). Ok, should I finish with her? Why the hell not...

This. End of story.

I hope you had a fun day.
Human beings are complex (why only mention women?), and that's cool.