Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sisters Mara

These two sisters are breaking the hell through and I’m loving it.
Two awesome individuals stepping up their qualities.

House of Cards

There’s Kate, with this really interesting character in the new awesome series House of Cards. She plays an intelligent young woman, complex enough in her own workaholic methods and eagerness. She looks stunning, but more importantly she looks confident, mature enough in this role. I think she’s bringing her own individuality to it and she looks really interesting. She looks great.  She’s having so many secondary roles through the years but she’s really stepping up.
I should be talking about House of Cards and the women of House of Cards by the way.

Side Effects

And then there’s Rooney. Let’s all talk about how un-fucking-believably good she is in Side Effects? But ok, first things first, this new film by Steven Soderberg is fucking awesome, it’s astonishing. To think that he may retire is a really unfortunate feeling because every time he brings us a film he brings quality and an absolute certainty of entertainment. Side Effects has a consistent style, is competent and the story only gets better and better as it goes. It’s intelligent and insightful, it’s dynamic, it’s solid, it’s creative, I guess it’s everything you hope to be in an interesting good script. Then this film brings great performances and Rooney Mara really steps up her game. She looks stunning, but the balance she brings to her complex Emily is great. I could say I suspected something, I could say many things, but one thing is certain, I would never figure the outcome of Side Effects and she was one of the reasons why.
P.S - The title Side Effects is so much better than The Bitter makes so much more sense on so many levels!

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