Friday, March 8, 2013


They did it on purpose didn't they? 
Look at them, how could they?

Let's celebrate Keira and Sienna together, yap, just that.

Seriously, I love The Edge of Love for what it is, including its flaws. A story about a poet and the friendship between the two women he loves. I love that they look out for each other, at least for some point, it's a film that takes this unique turn, because it is a rare kind of story, really, it is rare to see a story about friendship between women.
But now let’s look at it with a different perspective, no, not exactly Aimeé and Jaguar...or maybe...


You could write a cool story line just with these set of we need more inspiration? Ok, here it goes.

And here we stand, in the "edge" of love.

Cutest thing ever:

It is really shitty quality, but it is something, bloopers from The Edge of Love!
Watching Keira Knightley in here takes a whole new dimension.

How can she, you know?

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