Monday, December 27, 2010

Comic Relief

Tina and Amy PLAY TENNIS.

Did I mention I was addicted to tennis? I guess I kind of forgot. Well, I'm really addicted to tennis! To see this match in particular was even better...Tina Fey for Us Open!


Beauty: "There are all kinds of beauty in this world. There's the 'model' look, the nerd look, there's a baby look, there's a sad look and a happy one. Between all of them its how you want to see that makes it beautiful..."
I don't know if you remember when I introduced you Freja Beha's Attitude (if you don't just See It), now I give you the opposite example.

She's on the List.
Catherine McNeil is (or was at this point) an Autralian model that got to the top real fast, Mario Testino introduced her and just three years ago she was wanted by everyone. Though she always lacked some eager and will or what she really lacks is an atittude or at least a positive one. So now, three years later we found the result: we barely see her. From Vogue to controversial australian engagement with Ruby Rose (kind of like Lindsay Lohan looking for popularity. Seriously their parents really didn't give them any attention so now they look for it in the media, so dumb!) to meltdowns and back on the runaway which falls short.

We look at a beautiful face and we can only dream wonders but then we get into this someone's skin and we realise that beauty becomes trivial and what goes inside becomes valuable.

So, really, what is beauty, when it's all in our minds? Cat is just an example of a harsh reality. I won't be getting too personal about Cat's life and I'm sure she's a very pleasant and interesting person but she's probably more interested in other stuff (whether is negative or positive it's not my business). But who blames her? Maybe Cat just doesn't wanna be a model anymore...

What I'm trying to say is: beauty it's only an option feature to succeed and why would we give so much attention when what really matters is our mind or should I say Attitude?
I wonder why they end up together a while ago (talking in an unofficial hypothetical way) cause they were like freaking Tom and Jerry that's why, the complementing factor.

Keep dreaming, Rachelle, keep dreaming.

Freja's Moment of the Day

I'm back people!

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break to do cool stuff. I'm back with lot of things in my mind to blog about. Meanwhile, enjoy your break (if you still have it)!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Freja´s Moment of the Day

Merry Christmas to the unknown people around this world and if you are those who do not celebrate it then have fun at whatever you do! I Guess I'll be going away for the next days, I'm not sure. So, I'll have to pass 'Hot Fridays' and another 'Actors Actong' and other 'interesting' stuff!

Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The new film from director Joe Wright has just arrived and seems really interesting, pretty messed up! Great director so I'm obviously looking forward.
I am really looking forward for the next year for films 'cause this year it's been so...meaningless (some good exceptions like "The Kids are All Right", "The Ghost Writer"...).

 I'm waiting for more. I should start to make a list. I still need to see films like 'Black Swan' and '127 Hours'...

A Moment in a Film

A unique opening scene that now belongs to the cinema history.

Le Mépris
I'm trapped in Hollywood but I can travel to some other places from time to time.
I couldn't wait any longer to mention one of the most beautiful films that can possibly exist. It's a love story that goes beyond our acceptable knowledge of cinema history. It shows us a couple in love, has you can see in the opening scene, and their tragic decadence.
Nouvelle Vague isn't just a name and it should be a continous inspiration for artists of any art and even for those who are willing to do something new. I think they must necessarly look back.
Personally this is not even my favourite scene but I guess I shouldn't be a spoiler. It's cinema inside the cinema and art and life and authenticity in a unreal world. So just enjoy this unexplicable brilliance and if you don't know Briggite Bardot yet this is necessarly the ideal film to know her, in a very naked way.

Freja's Moment of the Day


Feeling very Shane today?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black and White Tuesday

There is something about Black & White quite inexplicable, this sense of purity mixed with a classic timelessness.

Abbie Cornish is the air I could breath.

Adele Haenel is this french actress and she can be a force of nature when it comes to a perfomnce.

She looks beautiful in black & white in color and everything else. She brings light at every possible film she's in. When we would look at the word beautiful in the dictionary should appear the name Diane Kruger.

I admire Amy Adams' journey and where she's now, on her way to her third Oscar nomination.

My first and biggest crush, she's my Liv.

"You are and always will be...the woman of my dreams". Period.

Where there's no shortage of blonds, I guess I understand the struggle between them, in Hollywood, where they have to give 'extra' credit.
That's it, for Black & White.

Freja's Moment of the Day

Freja Beha's coolness just showin out to the world to not take things too seriously she know things aren't forever so why not just enjoy while you can?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Look a Like

Tell me the difference:

They are Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard. Conclusion: Hollywood is so extended that actors can be often mistaken. There's lot of other examples (which I might adress). I already talked about Jessica Chastain ("Tree Of Life" , "The Fields") and curiously she's playing a role opposite Bryce Dallas Howard and another rising star Emma Stone in "The Help". Another interesting film for 2011.

Freja's Moment of the Day

Float in black and white.

Because one is never enough.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Naked Sunday

So I decided on Sundays to talk about nudity in films. The question is, where should i start??
And then something quick comes into my mind and also specially intriguing:

                                                                  "Hable con ella".

Why not start with the great Pedro Almodóver and 'Hable con ella'? An intriguing story so incredibly entertaining, I get speachless fast cause I think it's genius. Then there's this moments in the film so profound and touching and then one of the most hilarious short stories I've ever heard, only Almodóver to tell it. The score of this film is so beautiful just outstanding.
But ok, let's focus on the main subject: nudity. To short things, the story focus between two guys and their relation to their girlfriends who are in deep coma. One on the girls in coma, 'Alice' is played by the beautiful Leonor Watling and this is the woman I wanna talk about. Quit an interesting question the must have asked to herself? ‘Why would I interpret someone who is in coma for the most part of the film?' Not only she's death and not moves she's also naked as really naked and not hide naked.

                                                                    Leonor Watling

This is what I'm talking about. And there are many other peculiar angles.The thing is, Almodóver just happens to choose someone with kind of 'perfect figures' in many levels...i guess i know the reasons why. I guess The Question arrives, is it important for the film or the scene? In this case, for sure it is. The most relevant reason why she's often naked like that is that gives a tremendous realism to the story and that's it.
And no one is better than Almodóver looking at the meaning of life and...sexuality in a yet dramatic comedy way. I highly recommend the film and Not because of its nudity.

She also has clothes on.

Freja's Moment of the Day

Scream for your life...and...

 ...just be happy!  Nice weekend to you people, unknown!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Badass of Badass

This is a man's world, but wouldn't be nothing, nothing without...a badass kicking woman!

     Angelina Jolie
Always and always will be The Badass. She's freaking Bond Girl, she's Bad Girl...seriously call her whatever you want.

Noomi Rapace
 The surprise of the decade...she'll make some damage in Hollywood, for sure.

                                                                       Keira Knightley
Can Keira beat more ass in 'Domino'? Gotta praise her performance.

                                                                  Michelle Rodriguez
Of course i wouldn't forget Michelle Rodriguez, the white tank top maniac.

                                                                          Asia Argento
You be carefull, i'm warning you. She's like an italian Angelina, maybe darker. Definitely darker.

                                                                           Zoe Bell
Who doesn't want to drive cars like she did? Who doesn't want to beat people like she did? (you all know what I'm talking about).

                                                                    Jennifer Garner
Bad films: check. Hot chick: check. Yes, they have kids and yes they come and go but we can't forget them.
I mean, who does forgets someone lifting his own body...

Only with his arm?

                                               Jennifer Carpinter

Just because she says so many 'Fucks' and then cries like a baby.

                                                                     Lena Heady
She's just Lena. Such a cool girl, you can't denie that.

Obviously I'm forgetting people...but I'm pretty sure this is the bases. Oh maybe I should put Tina Fey, what do you think?? Sure she kills people...of laughter. Now seriously, Chloe Moretz, let's not forget about her, but she's under age.


The basic essence to what human kind is differenced by. It's what makes us in the shadow or in the center of a room. It's what makes us unique. I have a name to this affirmation, my fatal crush, Freja Beha Erichsen. 
She's a danish model known for her androgynous look and for me the outstanding look (altough I adore her androgyny)! And like in cinema, where new actors constantly arrive and replace others, it's worse between models and Freja Beha is on top of her popularity between photographers, designers and editors and she's been working since 2005.

Suck it, dude.
And why is a model on a blog about cinema? Hum, because she is the most direct example on how is it possible to be someone 'original' and yet respected, working in a world where you are replaced by someone new and fresh in the twinkling of an eye.

"Yeah, every boy and girl can't resist...what can i do?"
Anyways, you'll have time to meet her...she came to stay, whether you like or not! Deal with it.


PS: Meet some of Freja Beha's tats.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, the new film by Terrence Malick just became my most anticipated film for 2011 after seeing this fresh trailer.
From the images we see here and from what we captured from the story i must say this is definitely where i found myself struggling through the bridge between cinema and life and life and cinema.
But if you don't wanna watch the trailer i can tell you who are involved in 'The Tree of Life' and you'll be pretty much excited anyways. From the cast, Brad Pitt it's getting better and better at drama (I mean, he's great at everything). Jessica Chastain is a rising star and I'm sure in no time she'll start to be talked about from major roles. Then there's music from genius Alexandre Desplat (just by mentioning 'The Ghost Writer'), cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki ('Children of Men'), including editors from films like 'Requiem for a Dream', 'City of God', 'I am Sam' and 'The Thin Red Line'. Jacqueline West with the Costume Design and I'm tired! I guess that's enough to be extremely excited for, right? I can't hardly wait.

Brad Pitt for Oscar?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Blood is thicker than Water

You’ll probably recognize the image from this video, directed by the artist Tasya van Ree.
My Music of the moment – Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine.

A Moment in a Film

                                                    Fried Green Tomatoes

I need to talk about 'Fried Green Tomatoes' cause i fell in love with it, literally! It's so beautiful! If you wanna listen a beautiful story telling just see this film, it's amusing, it makes you wanna cry and laugh at the same time! The most interesting thing is that they 'hid' the 'obvious' connection between the main characters (you'll understand if you see it), that's what made the film even more interesting. Some people can be betrayed by it but at the same time it becomes part of the story...
 It's just overwhelming to see how much two people love each other so much and yet you don't hear they say 'i love you i love you i love and stuff'.
So, i choose this first Moment in a film, when 'Idgie' simply says, in the most honest way possible (my total devotion to Mary Stuart Masterson):

                                                  (Between 3.25 and 3.40).

'Idgie' loved 'Ruth' and she didn't use the L(ove) word once. She just show it by the acts and her over protectiveness and devotion...i guess that's how we see what love means.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Actors Acting

                                                             Tilda Swinton

Thank you New York Times for delivering such an important piece! Nothing better than start with an explanation on why i'm an Actors' Expert.
I think it takes a huge courage to be an actor and that's why my uncontrolable admiration (obsession) for them. I guess we often forget that. They need to be so mentally strong to do it and is the most important part of an actor (not the beauty).

                                                           James Franco

We often loose them through the celebs' web, right? Hollywood arrives. Perfect exemple is Angelina Jolie, a great actress no one realises anymore because she happens to be one of the most famous people in the world blablabla and bang we only see Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's Mom on the screen. We have to remind ourselfs that what makes a film reliable is ultimately the actor, obviously the set and dresses help, but there's nothing more relevant than them.

                                                                       Noomi Rapace

So, i give my total admiration and devotion to them. What they do is brave. In this performances (and in many others) it requires such a tremendous capacity of understanding the human emotion. These fourteen people brought out of their bodies such an human nature, it's heartbreaking and beautiful. Tilda Swinton is just a force of nature but they all look great!

See all of them here.

Rachelle talks about Cinema

Well, since i can't get away from the world around Hollywood and get intrigued on how it affects and reaches in such a strong way the rest of...the world, i decided to be just another one to to talk about it.
I think is about time for me to blog about life through films, i guess that's my main purpose. And then everything that comes out of it: specially actors. I must warn my expertise on the people that act on the films!
But hey, i must say that i'll be spreading to other areas...So, lets see what comes out of this. I hope you like my thoughts on cinema, performances, visual arts...basically life!