Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, the new film by Terrence Malick just became my most anticipated film for 2011 after seeing this fresh trailer.
From the images we see here and from what we captured from the story i must say this is definitely where i found myself struggling through the bridge between cinema and life and life and cinema.
But if you don't wanna watch the trailer i can tell you who are involved in 'The Tree of Life' and you'll be pretty much excited anyways. From the cast, Brad Pitt it's getting better and better at drama (I mean, he's great at everything). Jessica Chastain is a rising star and I'm sure in no time she'll start to be talked about from major roles. Then there's music from genius Alexandre Desplat (just by mentioning 'The Ghost Writer'), cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki ('Children of Men'), including editors from films like 'Requiem for a Dream', 'City of God', 'I am Sam' and 'The Thin Red Line'. Jacqueline West with the Costume Design and I'm tired! I guess that's enough to be extremely excited for, right? I can't hardly wait.

Brad Pitt for Oscar?

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