Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Moment in a Film

A unique opening scene that now belongs to the cinema history.

Le Mépris
I'm trapped in Hollywood but I can travel to some other places from time to time.
I couldn't wait any longer to mention one of the most beautiful films that can possibly exist. It's a love story that goes beyond our acceptable knowledge of cinema history. It shows us a couple in love, has you can see in the opening scene, and their tragic decadence.
Nouvelle Vague isn't just a name and it should be a continous inspiration for artists of any art and even for those who are willing to do something new. I think they must necessarly look back.
Personally this is not even my favourite scene but I guess I shouldn't be a spoiler. It's cinema inside the cinema and art and life and authenticity in a unreal world. So just enjoy this unexplicable brilliance and if you don't know Briggite Bardot yet this is necessarly the ideal film to know her, in a very naked way.

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