Sunday, December 19, 2010

Naked Sunday

So I decided on Sundays to talk about nudity in films. The question is, where should i start??
And then something quick comes into my mind and also specially intriguing:

                                                                  "Hable con ella".

Why not start with the great Pedro Almodóver and 'Hable con ella'? An intriguing story so incredibly entertaining, I get speachless fast cause I think it's genius. Then there's this moments in the film so profound and touching and then one of the most hilarious short stories I've ever heard, only Almodóver to tell it. The score of this film is so beautiful just outstanding.
But ok, let's focus on the main subject: nudity. To short things, the story focus between two guys and their relation to their girlfriends who are in deep coma. One on the girls in coma, 'Alice' is played by the beautiful Leonor Watling and this is the woman I wanna talk about. Quit an interesting question the must have asked to herself? ‘Why would I interpret someone who is in coma for the most part of the film?' Not only she's death and not moves she's also naked as really naked and not hide naked.

                                                                    Leonor Watling

This is what I'm talking about. And there are many other peculiar angles.The thing is, Almodóver just happens to choose someone with kind of 'perfect figures' in many levels...i guess i know the reasons why. I guess The Question arrives, is it important for the film or the scene? In this case, for sure it is. The most relevant reason why she's often naked like that is that gives a tremendous realism to the story and that's it.
And no one is better than Almodóver looking at the meaning of life and...sexuality in a yet dramatic comedy way. I highly recommend the film and Not because of its nudity.

She also has clothes on.

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