Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Badass of Badass

This is a man's world, but wouldn't be nothing, nothing without...a badass kicking woman!

     Angelina Jolie
Always and always will be The Badass. She's freaking Bond Girl, she's Bad Girl...seriously call her whatever you want.

Noomi Rapace
 The surprise of the decade...she'll make some damage in Hollywood, for sure.

                                                                       Keira Knightley
Can Keira beat more ass in 'Domino'? Gotta praise her performance.

                                                                  Michelle Rodriguez
Of course i wouldn't forget Michelle Rodriguez, the white tank top maniac.

                                                                          Asia Argento
You be carefull, i'm warning you. She's like an italian Angelina, maybe darker. Definitely darker.

                                                                           Zoe Bell
Who doesn't want to drive cars like she did? Who doesn't want to beat people like she did? (you all know what I'm talking about).

                                                                    Jennifer Garner
Bad films: check. Hot chick: check. Yes, they have kids and yes they come and go but we can't forget them.
I mean, who does forgets someone lifting his own body...

Only with his arm?

                                               Jennifer Carpinter

Just because she says so many 'Fucks' and then cries like a baby.

                                                                     Lena Heady
She's just Lena. Such a cool girl, you can't denie that.

Obviously I'm forgetting people...but I'm pretty sure this is the bases. Oh maybe I should put Tina Fey, what do you think?? Sure she kills people...of laughter. Now seriously, Chloe Moretz, let's not forget about her, but she's under age.

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