Monday, October 20, 2014

The Best

We are the Best is one of my favorite films of the year.

We Are the Best

This film is the best for a few and obvious reasons. It’s honest, original, authentic and especially heartfelt. And so queer, I love this word to describe the film. Yes, there can be many films with these characteristics, so why and how this Swedish gem should stand out? Because it’s truly the best.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gone Girl - Early Thoughts

A FEW  THOUGHTS ON GONE GIRL, THE FILM. Just as I come off the theater.

Gone Girl, the film, as the same as the book, is pure entertainment.

Pretty brilliant adaptation by Gillian Flynn. Amazing…oh just saying amazing gave me the chills…Solid, consistent and pretty neat storyline throughout. It just keeps building and building and getting better and better. The film, as a whole, just keeps getting better and better and better. Imagine a line just going up and up and up. As I said, pure entertainment. Speaking as a reader of the book, going through the storyline alone, it feels so well written, there are no holes. Every slice of history in the book she had to take is well done, it’s proper and tidy, because you don’t miss it at all, I don’t feel like the story needs it. From Desi’s mother and Nick’s dad, to other characters like the Housewives, and a younger journalist, to the way a few clues were cut out for the film, it all comes clean in the big screen because it’s in the details, everything matters. Like for instance, Amy’s parents. Starting with the casting, if you don’t feel creepy by those two then I don’t really understand you. If you don’t get the little detail in the way they refer to their daughter as the Amazing Amy, and the name of the site as “find amazing amy dot com”, like taking a chance to promote their own franchise while their daughter is missing… And the way she turns this story into a great satire of today’s society issues.

Just a quick parenthesis - I couldn’t stop talking about the film with my friend/film partner. We’ve both read the book, and now talking about detail by detail is so gratifying. These are the most gratifying films you know? Just for the cheer of the film experience is pretty much everything.

The beginning of the film – I wanted to talk about how David Fincher and Gillian Flynn make Amy Dunne so impenetrable. Like in the book, it starts with the questions – What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Who are you? Then Amy Dunne is presented to us through her voice over, basically. They meet for the first time, there’s the game talk that the first date requires…You see, coming from someone who read the book, it feels even greater, the idea of this ideal Amy. I don’t wanna use the word superficial, because it’s nothing to do with that, but rather someone you can’t really reach and touch, something universal and at the same time something on the surface. And that’s another well done thing in the storyline.
Who are you Amy? As you reach the middle of the film, your head starts to explode progressively.

There are great mother fucking brilliant sequences in this film, as I said in the beginning, they just keep getting better and better. For example – The Cool Girl sequence. Just wow! And the “Comeback”. I was cracking up in my seat, curled up and falling off my seat all at once.

Talking about the film adaptation – BEST MARKETING SHIT. If there was one thing I had in my mind from early on was the idea that the end of the film would be different from the book. Or something like that there would be some other different act. This was months ago. If this was on purpose or not, great fucking marketing. There is no such thing as bad publicity huh, you smart asses?!? I liked that too.

GO, THE OTHER TWIN, is the “Coolest” character from the film. It will probably be an audience favorite. (IT IS MY FAVORITE). And a great performance, now I would love to see her getting nominations for a supporting role; that would be brilliant and deserved. She’s the one “responsible” for the humanity source in the story. She’s probably THE ONE we relate to the most. It’s the best. Her expressions, her representation.
Talk about TWINS – Their storyline is so believably sweet and authentic and true. Talking from a twin point – Being a twin to some other twin, the connectivity is something utterly natural, not forced in any way; the way we connect, the way we relate to each other, is something that just happens and you don’t really need to say anything to understand what the other wants to say or what he’s thinking; Go has no choice but help his brother, she has no choice but believe in him, she has no choice but being by his side. She has no choice. It just is. It’s about that irreversible and natural way of connecting. But maybe it is also the way people who are intimate with other people connect, but I don’t really know.

Interesting curiosity (talking from a Gay stand point) – Go is also pretty gay. What’s so interesting here, is that, not only she brings humanity, she is at the same time quite a reserved person, you don’t get to get intimate with her and yet you understand her. Right at that moment, her life is her brother’s life. You see she lives by herself and if she has someone, you don’t really know. If she has boyfriends or girlfriends, you don’t really know. In the story, she seems to be the unfuckable, and yet, at to my gay stand point, she’s so damn fuckable.

THE CAST. It’s like every one of these people fit their roles to perfection. Rosamund Pike is as I was predicting, fiercely and obnoxiously hunting and chiling. Ben Affleck is Nick Dunne, the dude basically. Go, the other twin, is probably you favorite character throughout this madness. Rhonda is thoughtful and feels like a real cop and not one from Law and Order, Amy’s parents are freaking distant and scary. And Tanner, the lawyer, another character people will love.

ROSAMUND PIKE – I kept thinking how wonderfully kind and lovely and innocent she was playing Jane in Pride and Prejudice. It really is a career turn. (It’s one of those cases where she is totally getting an Oscar nomination, totally not winning it.)

AMY, or Amazing Amy, represents a lot of things. She represents the way human beings communicate, represents the way human beings are forced and not forced by society norms, the way we sometimes perceive each other, the way we don’t really know each other, the way we understand and not understand and know what we really want, how we think…

The word Amazing is going to hurt for a while.

Gone Girl is exceptional.
Gone Girl is the reason why I live for films.
Gone Girl is a lot of things you can dig into…an endless debate.

It’s very likely that I’ll be in the theater again tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Cool Amy

"Weird kid," laughed Pike, and Fincher replied, "No, just off." 
From the New York Film Festival press conference. This makes me giggle. 

It is a goodbye to innocent and lovely Jane and welcome "Cool" Amy. 
I'm scared.
I'm also so excited for Rosamund Pike. I can't wait. This is really a unique situation. One is one hundred. Amy not only is a complex character, she's also a pretty rare one to be represented on screen, properly. I can't believe Rosamund Pike is running for an Oscar as a leading actress. You can read Sasha Stone's review of Gone Girl here. I hear it's pretty good.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Here’s a little personal rant. Every now and then I guess I have the need to make a little point of the situation on my blog. The truth is that I need to knowledge that I am a blogger, I write things and some people from different continents read it.
I understand that some people don’t understand this blog much, they don’t think is anything especial, they are expecting something else, maybe more movies, they say it’s too personal. Personally, this isn’t really going to change much. This is a place where I, as in Rachelle, talk about films, performers, society issues. I’m not going to be informing you about the mainstream films premiering every week though, I don’t think so, this is not what I want to do. I will write long posts about Adéle Haenel, this I will do because it is my passion. She’s a performer I’m passionate about.
I notice that there isn’t much of a response; I think I’m part of the reason why. It isn’t an issue, though. But here’s the thing, I know and I really need to step up the game a little. I started this idea of me talking about films and everything related to films, which means talk about life in general, almost four years ago. I decided to expose something that I’ve already been doing for a while. I am not entirely sure what I can do to step it up right this second, because I don’t have great resources right now; I sure need to reevaluate my values, and I sure need to focus on it more. Lately, I’ve been really off and I don’t like it because this is simply of one my favorite things to do. My dream is literally to watch films as a living. The other day I watched four films in a day…it was a rainy day. What I mean is that the spark is still there.
There’s one thing I don’t mind and that’s your input, I mean, don’t be too mean, because I’m quite sensitive, but please do talk to me, especially about films! Let’s talk about films. You'll help me get better.
Ok, this is an utter mess.

To end this personal post, I’m just going to say I can’t bloody wait for GONE GIRL. I’ll be in the dark room this Thursday and I can’t wait to discuss the endless discussion with you.

This is my 1,000 post.
Happy films.

Locked Men

Sometimes, out of undetermined periods, comes an original film to our beloved screens that actually succeed in that originality. Locke is an example of that kind of success.
Locke might be one of those examples that simplify the meaning of simplicity, straightforwardness and obviously ambition.
Here’s a director/writer/producer that comes with an idea that he believes is interesting and worthwhile. The idea is of a man trying to redeem himself for life choices he made and trying to do what he believes is the right thing. Ivan Locke, (played by Hardy), leaves his work place, at night, walks to his car, takes the car keys, turns it on and drives, as he tries to emend his acts in a forty five minute ride. The entire film takes place in a fort five minute car journey, as he keeps saying to one of the characters, waiting for him. Locke, is the name of the character and the film, and in some strong ways, he’s locked, he’s a locked man.

This one man show locked in one place for the entirety of the film isn’t new, obviously, there are other films, some succeed and some don’t. Locke is a great example of an accomplished one. The film was shot in a week and it is solid as a rock. I would say it’s really good because I could go on talking detail after detail, that the film has done well work. From the brilliant Tom Hardy, the bear on his face, make him harder and more obstinate, his accent choice as well. He’s brilliant. I just keep loving him more and more with each project. The voices of the characters in this film are really good as well, given that it is only Ivan Locke we see, these voices are really credible, authentic and well acted. The cinematography, the tight editing, the credible script, it’s a good film, solid, consistent and pretty tight.

Other film I should add here is the brilliant Starred Up.
Starred Up is another solid piece of work, entertaining as hell, and with another British dude I love more and more since his Skins days, Jack O’Connell. It is one of those films you feel the amount of dedication given to the script and the passion for the project that exudes from the moment it starts. Great phenomenal film.