Thursday, January 1, 2015

Adèle, 2015

Sorry I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adèle Haenel.
Also, I wish everyone out there a wonderful year. Let's all watch a bunch of films!

I haven't seen Fighters or Love At First Sight or the original titled Les Combattants. This is the one I'm dying to see. I've seen Suzanne, which I will talk about it next, and I've seen L'Homme Qu'on Aimait Trop, which I haven't mentioned yet.
The now called Seances, the project by Guy Maddin will be premiering this January on the Sundance Film Festival. Or is it The Forbidden Room? Well, I'm not sure what's the title but I know Guy Maddin will be showing his work there. Adèle also signed for a new project, directed by the female french filmmaker Anne Fontaine, called Les Innocents, based on a true story about the Second World War (I'm in heaven). She's also attached to another project called Les Ogres, directed by a young female filmmaker called Léa Fehner. The story is about the theater world. As I mentioned sometime this year, I think, she will no longer work with Cécile De France (heart wrecking).
Great stuff!

Happy New Year and Happy Films, yours truly,

So this happened, in 2014.
I cried.

Back in May.

This also happened. I guess I can rest in peace.
Or maybe not!! I want more.

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