Monday, December 27, 2010


Beauty: "There are all kinds of beauty in this world. There's the 'model' look, the nerd look, there's a baby look, there's a sad look and a happy one. Between all of them its how you want to see that makes it beautiful..."
I don't know if you remember when I introduced you Freja Beha's Attitude (if you don't just See It), now I give you the opposite example.

She's on the List.
Catherine McNeil is (or was at this point) an Autralian model that got to the top real fast, Mario Testino introduced her and just three years ago she was wanted by everyone. Though she always lacked some eager and will or what she really lacks is an atittude or at least a positive one. So now, three years later we found the result: we barely see her. From Vogue to controversial australian engagement with Ruby Rose (kind of like Lindsay Lohan looking for popularity. Seriously their parents really didn't give them any attention so now they look for it in the media, so dumb!) to meltdowns and back on the runaway which falls short.

We look at a beautiful face and we can only dream wonders but then we get into this someone's skin and we realise that beauty becomes trivial and what goes inside becomes valuable.

So, really, what is beauty, when it's all in our minds? Cat is just an example of a harsh reality. I won't be getting too personal about Cat's life and I'm sure she's a very pleasant and interesting person but she's probably more interested in other stuff (whether is negative or positive it's not my business). But who blames her? Maybe Cat just doesn't wanna be a model anymore...

What I'm trying to say is: beauty it's only an option feature to succeed and why would we give so much attention when what really matters is our mind or should I say Attitude?
I wonder why they end up together a while ago (talking in an unofficial hypothetical way) cause they were like freaking Tom and Jerry that's why, the complementing factor.

Keep dreaming, Rachelle, keep dreaming.

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