Friday, November 18, 2011

Oscar Season

Curiosities before the Oscars night.This tendencies are always intriguing to know. Like this one in particular, that makes me laugh:
"Gay roles can win Oscars but only if the characters, who must die hideous deaths, are portrayed by straight people."

Felicity Hoffman was robbed that year. 

The thing is, these are wonderful stories that go beyond the gay aspect and where these feelings are universal.

Hilary Swank first Oscar.

Like Sean Penn's character. He portrayed this amazing human being with a tremendously tragic story. It wouldn't be fair if the Oscar went to someone else rather than him.

You don't see Charlize Theron, you just can't. She was nuts.

Another great story.

And this is how Tom Hanks won his first Oscar, playing someone dying of AIDS.

This year the tendency will keep going with Christopher Plummer's praised performance in 'Beginners', which will lead to a probable Oscar win.

But there are exceptions, like Rick Gervais mentioned in his last Golden Globes presentation about ‘I Love You Phillipe Norris’, where two heterosexual actors pretend to be gay. 

By the way, I’m really excited to see another of his controversial hosting abilities. To see him ruining what is left of the Hollywood reputation!

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