Saturday, November 19, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time…there was a Jamie.

I think it started this summer. I mean, I’ve been watching TV series for a while, but not like this. Now I’m hopelessly drawn in this addictive carousel of characters and different stories. I think I watch ten different series, which for some is a ridiculous number.
Anyway, I’m here to make a personal note on this show ‘Once Upon a Time’ that I wouldn’t notice (even if I cheat a little, I click forward only sometimes) if it wasn’t for the name Jamie Dornan. The one and only Jamie. The thought of watching this Irish lad from Belfast on a TV series never really crossed my mind, and much less in a show like this one – the least credible and with a really great number of viewers. It was more like a hopeful and unreal thought. 

But here he is. He’s a secondary character but I don’t even care. He is Jamie. Every time he walks in a scene it’s like the scene takes a whole new dimension. He’s speaking and walking around. I can hear his voice! Then he smiles and that is it. You may found him around ‘the fashion spot’ area but he’s getting into Hollywood. I really hope I get to see him in theaters one of these days (since I already missed a chance with ‘Marie Antoinette’). From Keira Knightley’s boyfriend to Keira Knightley’s ex-boyfriend to Keira Knightley’s former lover to Calvin Klein model. I know him (not personally, jesus) probably since 2004 so it’s been a long road for him but he’s finally getting roles, so I’m glad. And he’s a natural. Not only he acts and knows what he’s doing, he also has this amazing voice. 

Fairytale - it makes sense right now.

He wants Marlo Brando's roles!

Game on!

‘Once Upon a Time’ is actually a pretty interesting and cute series that earns this particular reputation because it’s different and it’s imaginative; it’s exceptional from other series. There are no vampires that shine in the sun whatsoever. It’s a fantasy tale. That’s probably the reason for its success.

And I, shamefully, need to make a note on Jennifer Morrison. I haven’t notice her hotness before so when she walks the room with that tight pink dress then kicking ass like a bounty hunter it was a ‘let me take a minute’ moment. And about the tank top: I would love to understand and also explain why women look so attractive in tank tops. These lesbian tendencies of making me stop and take a ‘wow’ moment. It’s not like it’s a freaking hot dress or something, it’s just a simple tank top.

 Anyway, here I am shamefully talking about superficial aspects when I should be mentioning the last episode of Once Upon a Time, this pretty naughty episode where Graham, the Sheriff, is being a bad boy.

Hope to see you more often, Jamie. I know you’ve wanted to be an actor for quite a while, so keep going. With love, always,

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