Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Praising a character – Debra Morgan by Jennifer Carpenter

First I think this role is incredible, not only makes the connection of vulnerability and human fragileness in opposition to her brother Dexter, but she’s also incredibly human and amusing. Jennifer Carpenter is great in it, especially in Fourth Season. She doesn’t have much credits from this role (obviously Dexter/ Michael C. Hall steals the show) but she really deserves a praise. We know Dexter is generally a really great work. I loved the fifth season and let’s see what else Dexter can bring us! But here I am talking about Dexter, which wasn’t really supposed to be the idea.

Jennifer Carpenter was the idea and her role was the idea. Her character is just so well written and she plays it in such a way. She’s incredibly masculine, tomboy, and clear. She plays a tough person but we fast realize how fragile she really is.

Fuck yeh Debra Morgan.

The title of the video tells what I want to say.

And the Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG Award goes to!
Like I’ve been saying, Dexter’s Sister is really great and in a complete opposite characters Debra/Jennifer stands as good as Dexter/Michael.
Dexter is a masterfull series and is great that still runs for another season so, I let you with one of the very awesome scenes! 

Again, just read the title of the video!

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