Saturday, July 2, 2011

Howl - Why I'm different

I just saw the film 'Howl' and I loved its subject. 
There are essential words in it.
The film talks about writing and especially the process of living life, being true to yourself and your work. 
I found it extremely essential for people who wants to be writers or people who don't know what to do, actually. It's about being who you are, through the point of view of Allen Ginsberg.

This film is divided between different moments and shots - there is a documental side where the protagonist talks about his journey in life; we have moments when we see the words from 'Howl' in an animated form; we also have the trial scenes where we can see the different perspectives upon a creative and personal work, which tell us something about the question 'what is art'. 

I really enjoyed hearing the protagonist talk about his journey in life. 
From how he started writing to the realization that people wouldn't be shocked by an expression of feeling. To the frankness of writing the same way you are to the process of creating something that sometimes makes sense and sometimes it doesn't. To fear trapes in life to self examination and the reasons why everyone else is different and why I am different and why you are different. 
Extremely interesting observations. Amazing film.

"How funny would be, in the middle of a long poem, If I said: who let themselves be fucked in the ass and scream with JOY", Allen Ginsberg.

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