Thursday, July 14, 2011

News from Hollywood

Where should I start? I think I will start with the most powerful bombs and then slowly get to the new film stills.


Top of quality. I don't know when it came out, I just know I saw it today and it looks too powerfull. Just to look at the cast; you can name your favourite, but this isn't about favourites cause I can't choose really, it's about their professionalism. 

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I just wanted to point out the name Noomi Rapace...and visual effects...and Robert Downey Jr., etc!

The Girl

First of all, I wouldn't mind if I watched five films with Abbie Cornish per year. So I suffer a little, just a little. 
This is the first picture from her latest film, where she learned to speak Spanish. 
This film has an interesting background; it's been in pre-production for quite some time, Emily Blunt was playing Abbie Cornish's part. She really liked the story. Now is in Abbie's hands. And I'm really looking forward to see her work, like any other project she gets involved. 

The Hobbit: An Enexpected Journey

I mean, how can I look at this picture and not think about how much I loved The Lord of the Rings? I used to say it was my favorite film (as in the three of them)! Even if fantasy and lot of visual effects weren't my thing I still loved it. Not that I like the trilogy any less, but time passes and I began to watch a lot of films (like 'The Hours', without much thought became one of my favorites) at the same time I was building by personality more, let's say consciously, and Lord of the Rings start to be forgot;  like everything else.
I didn't realize until now they are really coming back. 
Oh, except Arwen and Aragorn (sadly).


Kate Winslet comes in two this year, extremely interesting. Other interesting thing must be how Polanski directs this comedy drama...

About the Emmys...well it's not my specialty so congrats to the nominated!

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