Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Generation - Part IV

And they're back!
Adele Haenel

You can know her from 'Water Lilies' but her debut film is tremendous. It's a disturbing and heartbreaking story with a courageous performance. I should compare it to Leo DiCaprio in 'Gilbert Grape' but it's always different. The film is called 'Les Diables'. I guess she's popular around the web, people want her in american let's wait and hope she'll keep doing amazing work.

Jessica Chastain

Last Frebruary I mentioned her, "Jessica Chastain is a rising star and I'm sure in no time she'll start to be talked about for major roles". Last year I saw 'Jolene'; I felt like i should look out for a possible newcomer, since she had lots of films in production (including a Terrence Malick film, with Brad Pitt). I really liked her in Jolene, she had to go trough lot of different moments with her character and she did it strongly; she was the essence of the film. 'This is her year'; it's what everybody been saying. Not every day an actor has five films ready to be released, and all them rather interesting; as simple as that. Oscar buzz is always a fair consideration, probably for 'Take Shelter', rather than 'The Tree of Life'. I'm looking forward to see 'The Debt', 'Take Shelter' and 'The Help'.

Andrea Riseboroug

'Brighton Rock' and 'Made in Dagenham'. She'll star in 'W.E', by Madonna and starring Abbie Cornish. She's also in a production I'm very interested in, it's called 'Shadow Dancer'; I don't know if she has the leading role, but the story is really interesting and it's directed by James Marsh ('Man on Wire').

Gemma Arterton

British actresses are always worth being looked for. I was completely entertained with 'Tamara Drewe'; she quickly emerged in Hollywood Blockbuster films but she also managed to do a weird and awesome film called 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed'. But the weirdest film in production must be this vampire film by Neil Jordan called 'Byzantium', where a mother and daughter vampire duo form a deadly pact.

Nora Arnezeder

Another young French actress; she introduced herself officially with a musical with considerable success called 'Faubourg 36". First thing that comes to my mind I have to say, and I don't wanna be mean or anything but let's face it, it's her beauty. She's extremely beautiful. But she also sings very beautifully. She starts to make 
her presence in Hollywood with brief appearances in 'Safe House' and 'The Words'. 

Hafsia Herzi
'La graine et le mulet' is those type of films. It was her entrance into the cinema. Like, I don't know, 'Riscky Business' for Tom Cruise, only better. She's definitely someone to look for. (Besides, she's alongside Adele in 'L'apollonide'.)

Emily Browning
Australian actress? I love australians. 'Sleeping Beauty' seems weird enough to look for!

Emma Watson
I don't know, she seems extremely intelligent to me. If she keeps doing films she's definitely someone to look for. Her official film (excluding a TV movie and 'The Tale of Despereaux' where she gives her voice) after Harry Potter is 'My Week with Marilyn'.

I think this is it for now. 
I'm sure I'm letting out lot of possible inspirational young talents but I'll be keeping my eye on them. Until then let's wait and look for the good and inspirational work of others.

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