Sunday, July 24, 2011


When life overcomes cinema, I couldn't help but talk about this amazing someone. I'm always in a healthy struggle to stick with 'Cinema' but I can't help myself this time. So here it goes. Hope Solo. Even the name stands out. She is the goalkeeper of USA Soccer Team and coincidentally she was the first face I noticed when I was watching my first game from the World Cup, the quarter finals game between United States and Sweden where she lost 1-3. Curiously I would also see her loose again and lastly in the final.
One thing stood out – the way she walked with her head up. Later, throughout the rest of the game, just the way she stood out. I’m making this perception based only on this – watching her in the games. I really didn’t need much else to conclude what I’m about to say about her attitude. 

Hope Solo is someone to follow as an Ideal Athlete. She’s determined, with a strong personality and who walks with her head up after losing. This is one hell of an attitude. 
To walk with your face up tells a lot about you. I briefly read about some disagreements Hope had with a previous USA Coach. I don’t have a clue to what lead to those disagreements but only assures that she doesn’t stay silent, she speaks out. I really didn’t needed much else than just watching her in the games to conclude what a great athlete she is and what powerful attitude she’s made of. Just to look at her incredible popularity in the crowds, the amount of fans she had. It was all about Solo; “Marry Me Hope I’m Solo” or “Solo for President”.

When someone like Hope Solo has everything in the right place and knows he or she has to sacrifice the body a lot and take risks but especially has strong mental resistance everything else comes out with good results, sooner than later. I’m sure you can ask Hope Solo, it’s all in the mind.

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