Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm interested:

In Chris Colfer's new project, he wrote this film called "Struck by Lightning", it tells the story of a young kid struggling with something he wants to do but doesn't know how to do it. I know this is a useless description, but trust me, the buzz sounds good. Emma Watson loved it.

"Supporting Characters"

Described as a masculine romantic comedy, the film is about making a film. I'm willing to take a new appreciation to Alex Karposky, because, really, after I saw him in 'Tiny Furniture' it's so hard. Just so hard.

The big winner:
"War Witch"
Do I see an Oscar Contender? Including Rachel Mwanza?
In some other world, yes, absolutely. 
Everything is possible...

In these documentaries:
"Sexy Baby"

"Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story"

"The World Before Her"

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