Thursday, September 26, 2013


Directed by Ron Howard.
Written by Peter Morgan.

This film is so awesome. You’ll love it.
I knew it would be this awesome. I couldn't wait to see this film and so the expectations were pleasantly responded and perhaps they were exceeded. This is a film I definitely want to see again.
It is indeed curious, or not, how this sport, racing the fastest cars of Formula 1 turns out to be so exciting. My sms ring is the sound of a Formula 1 car, I guess because it’s just that cool. But it’s just not the speed and the sound of the speed, the competition or non competition sometimes, going lap after lap, it’s a sport, so granted intrigue. But in this case it is granted a great story to resume it all.

Rush focus on two drivers from the seventies. It goes pretty much like this: one side is being driven by reason and logic and the other side mostly by feeling and instinct. This is some of what the dynamics of the drivers and the driving of these two great competitors and even greater adversaries was based on. And you are absolutely driven by it, the whole thing.
Then the whole thing is done greatly by all departments. The rush of the editing, the exhilarating sound, the stunning cinematography, the realism of the make up done, the performances, especially of the impeccable Germans I love so much, Daniel Bruhl and Alexandra Maria Lara. One is consistently credible, ruthless and touching, the other, unfortunately, doesn't have much to do except expressing concern through her face, through her eyes. I must say I really find myself often uncomfortable with these types of characters, but it’s Alexandra Maria Lara and so it was already a great casting given that it’s an absolute pleasure to be looking at her eyes alone. I was also wondering how Thor would fit in a Formula 1 car. He fit quite well, but now I wonder if they made one especially for his size. I actually never saw Thor, but I really enjoyed Chris Hemsworth, he’s gorgeous and quite suitable in that suitable role.
Rush is what I was hoping for (minus the female roles, there’s really no space for it) and probably what you hope for, mostly a good film. If you would ask me, Rush is pretty entertaining and by the way, it is crucial that you’ll see it in a theater. It is stunning. Go see it.

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