Friday, December 26, 2014

The Old and the Young

The Old and the Young is a beautiful song by the American band called Midlake that I love so much. Sometimes I found this song heart breaking and at the same time refreshing, but I think of it as really really special.
A big part of Clouds of Sils Maria is about the old and the young, but it is specially about the distance between the two, about the way one positions itself in life and the different approaches that comes with age. The way a woman feels about her age, how she reacts and grows old. 
I admire the effort of Clouds of Sils Maria, it is such an interesting subject matter to dive into. I gradually liked the film more and more. I feel like I want to take it layer by layer, every bit of it and dig into it. At times it feels like the ideas are beautiful fighting their arguments through and at other times because these ideas are so good there isn't perhaps enough argument and actions but at the end of the day there's only so much you can tell in a story, or do with a story and with a certain film structure. That's also why I appreaciated this film so much, because of its layers. I will gladly dive into them with pleasure. In fact, this is the kind of film that makes me desperately want to speak with other people about, to go deep into it and discuss it. I love that!
Maybe I'll write a more extented review of this film, it deserves. 

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