Monday, April 4, 2011

Suck it or not suck it

Suck it or not suck it, it’s your choice

Two different worlds are to say the least!
Ok, let’s start by what I said before. As I can easily recall, I said I didn’t care if the movie didn’t had a story; I didn’t care if it looked like a video game either. So, there I have it.
I battled myself, I did really considered on being worth the money spent but I think I made the right choice. So I went to the theaters with my mind extremely ready for it, thinking, to just enjoy it…
When you see something like Sucker Punch you need to be open minded enough to forget about pretty much everything and make this specific effort to just try to enjoy it. (I don’t know if this sentence makes any sense, because you enjoy something according to those specific different aspects, as also the rest of the review, which might sound senseless…just to make everything as a whole!).
Because Sucker Punch is not about the story, there is no such thing as a story; it is just completely worthless, literally. The opening sequence attempts to illustrate an abusive father, which wasn’t great because there are too obvious gestures by the actors, its lame but the sound it’s an awesome effort (funny or not, it sounds good). Baby Doll is introduced to us, a girl who has lost her mother, been molested by her father, shot her sister, and is now in an insane asylum. Once inside, she escapes to a brothel. Nop, it’s not ironic, it’s senseless! That’s why I didn’t understand so easily, I thought, is this already her imagination? Did she really imagine herself in a brothel? But then I got it. Then the fighting begins. Zack Snyder takes the most ridiculous excuse to make these characters get into the fighting sequences. But wait, are we introduced to the characters personalities? Hum, not really. Wait, let me stop again. Why am I even doing this if the film doesn’t really have a story? Shit!
What you can also find along the way (somehow) is that sister Rocket and Sweet Pea are supposed to be the heart of the story and that the protagonist isn’t really Baby Doll but Sweet Pea, the one destine to go free. But how can they have a reason to share their emotions and cry and scream (Abbie you done it, again) for their loving ones if there is only superficiality? Again, I wasn’t supposed to be asking this!

I think the girls made such a huge effort to play these ambiguous roles; they were really credible; they really got into the fighting side of the film. There’s this variety of girls, there’s this establishing dramatic actresses like Jena Malone (Rocket) and Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea) and there’s a completely different side…like Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie) or Emily Browning (Baby Doll) known for her role in Lemony Snicket’s: A serious of unfortunate Events and finally an Asiatic looking girl, the less known, Jamie Chung (Amber).

Ok, what I wasn’t really ready for - watching my girl (as in Abbie Cornish/ Sweet Pea) being so damn tough and kicking ass slash shooting gun machines like she did. There's this side I don’t understand… what I think (or want to) is that she didn’t read the script, she just wanted to do it for the different acting experience, not only physically but also in terms of this type of cinema and to raise more Hollywood presence, cause Zack Snider makes this characters really dump, so I’m a bit skeptical! Anyways, used to see her as Candy or Heidi or Fanny I couldn’t hold my surprise.
I couldn’t take my eyes of her, I’m so hopeless I know. This is probably the main reason why I enjoyed it, because she got me distracted from the nonsense! There you have it!

Does the film Sucker Punch goes against my type of films? Wow, I won’t even go there, cause like I said before, to say two (too) different worlds is the least. Its antagonism is Patricia Clarkson’s films to Will Smith’s antagonism! But bottom of the question, did I enjoyed it? Well, I did.
I know it’s hard to not rationalize and everything, but really, you can’t go see this film expecting to do that, you just can’t do it, you can’t ask why did Zack Snider made this little porn fetish rape fantasy or why in a film like this there aren’t even allowed to say one fuck or one mother fucker; seriously did they really had to cut the Fucker to ‘Blondie’?  “Take that YOU MOTHER…” (BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM) so if you can’t make this effort then you can’t really see Sucker Punch.
Some people will say Zack Snyder’s Sweet dreams are made of…shit. Some feminists will go crazy (literally) and say things like Girl power isn’t just a girl with a gun. Girl power is giving women the power to control their own destinies, to decide their own fates, to take their own places in the world.  Some will say a fourteen year old could easily write the dialogues because it’s what they hear in any other action film, some people, like I personally heard, will love it! That’s cinema, deal with it.

P.S - Promising Heroines - epic fail. I hear good vibes about 'Hanna', let's hope for a decent heroine...

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