Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cannes Days

This is my only tune these days: Cannes. Hearing Press Conferences...a Couple that seems The King and Queen of...something, they probably are The King and Queen of Cinema; Then there's people falling down stairs and well life is so "Melancholic", right Lars Van Trier?

First of all, let's face it. The film by Lars Van Trier is called "Melancholia", which means a depressing mood. Then you are watching the press conference and it seems like we were in a Judd Apatow press conference. What a laugh I had through out. It was hilarious and then obviously completely controversial. I never thought I would recommend you to watch a press conference, but there's always a first time. It is worthy it. People were laughing in the audience, the actors didn't know how to react or well they were amazed by Trier's words. Let me tell you, it end up talking about Hitler and understanding Hitler. Then there's a final sentence by him "Ok, I'm a Nazi". Right, at this point he cracked!!!
We could ear Kirsten Dunst by the end of the press, "Oh Lars that was intense".

While Charlotte Gainsbourg tried to be as serious as possible, Trier on other hand couldn't. She was commenting on how he met him better and then he said "Oh, I’ve gotten to know you very well and from every possible angle".

Then he didn't really knew if he liked his  film, "I'm not really sure...maybe it's crap actually. Of course I hope not, there's quite a bit of possibility this is really not worth seeing". 

“We had fun doing this film, but I would like to talk about my next film which is - as Kirsten insisted - is going to be a porn film. Kirsten and Charlotte want a really hardcore film and I’m going to do my best,” he said with a straight face, adding, “I said there should be a lot of dialog in between [sex scenes] but they said ‘no. There should just be a lot of unpleasant sex.’ And this will be three or four hours long and that’s only because it will 
make this press conference later [next time].”

The "Tree of Life" press conference was to a bit controversial for the simple fact that the press didn't appreciate Terrence Malick's shyness. He didn't show at this Festival and they were somehow offended. About the film itself the reviews are mixed. The thing is, the film is universal, like Brad said "The film is Universal. Terrence Malick wants to speak to all cultures", so you can be mesmerized by it or doubtfull just like films are. But this one is really special and must be appreciated.

Brad Pitt's performance is worth of an Oscar, they say.

And let me tell you, Jessica Chastain is only getting started. Her down to earth look is making me belive she will achieve a great carrer. Besides, she has nine films whether coming out, screening, or coming soon. Her favourite actresse is Isabelle Hupert.

And she actually went to "The Tree of Life" premiere. Chastain didn't know, but was really happy that she saw her work. If she knew Huppert was there would make her even more nervous, because she was shaking throughout Cannes including the rep carpet. She thank the guys for holding her!

One thing I'm sure, I will love this film...even if I don't have a clue what he is trying to say.

Aren't they like King and Queen? What can I say right?

Jodie Foster and her personal films. And, with The Beaver. 

Nadine Labazi and her new film. If you haven't seen her film "Caramel" ("Sukkar banat") you must do it right away. It's lovable.

Stand up, De Niro! (Bad joke)...

Unfortunate! I guess he was trying to perform a stant.

And the premiere of "L'apollonide". Indeed, that's a lot of girls.

Beautiful Adele! The press conference was interesting enough and I'm really looking forward to see the film. When asked if one of the actresses had something to add about working in the film one of them said right away "Adele. Adele loves to talk"!

Really nice black dress.

Eh lah! I heard the chemistry on set was intense as if they were like an army. This is a film in a women's point of view.

Laetitia Casta! Great to see you!

 I mean, the guy I deslike the most in Cannes! Ironic. Let's see what he got for Roland Garros. I hope at least Nadal wins!

And again, Lars Von Trier and his show, not to be forgot! For fuck sake!
And let's keep up with the fun! See ya.

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