Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Directed by Jim Field Smith.
Written by Jason A. Micallef.

My cheeks were sore by the end of the film, that’s pretty much what I have to say. Here’s the quick resume: it was giggle after giggle, after non-sense, giggle again, after some thoughtful moments and then giggle some more.

Butter is fairly entertaining and it isn't necesserily your typical Hollywood film or whatever you want to name it and it also gathers a really fun cast. Jennifer Garner plays a tight housewife with a lot of ambition. Olivia Wilde is all whore and stuff. Hugh Jackman’s brief appearance is hilarious. Ty Burrell and all the rest of the cast is pretty good too. And plus, dude, Olivia Wilde and Ashley Greene totally make out, no matter how brief it is. So why the hell wouldn't you watch this film? 

“Bob, I’m going to shit on your lawn. I can’t, I can’t say it. Ahh!”

Plus: I have to share this interview with Jennifer Garner. It's guaranteed fun!

"I call my kid Shiloh sometimes."

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