Saturday, November 17, 2012

From New Zealand, with Love

Marry me, Lucy Lawless.

Would you marry me, Lucy Lawless?

Hey, we don’t really know each other, and this is crazy, but here’s my heart, so marry me maybe? – No, definitely not this way.

Would you marry me, Lucy? Please and thank you. – It doesn’t sound good at all.

Marry Lucy, I’m solo. – No, it doesn’t work here either.

So here I am, I’m not usually like this, I don’t really want to marry Lucy Lawless (tough I totally would), but on a serious note, this woman is fucking brilliant, and awesome on top of that.

It seems that I’m hopelessly and incurably in love with her wisdom, her witty, her light, her uniqueness, her openness and straightforwardness, her care for causes that matter and being a voice to them, her humbleness, her powerful fearlessness to bare her body and intellect, her attractiveness, her genuine affection, her incurable contagious smile, she’s a provocateur with a relentless energy for life.

Here's why:

And here.

And here.

"Oh that? That's nothing...yeah."
And here's why!
I fainted. He didn't.

Nick Offerman confessed at first: "I'm relieved to see you're not as humongous as I thought you were going to be."
Here's why.

Here's why.

Because she's crazy (beautiful)!
And I don't know what she's doing here.

Because she says "There's nothing quite as sexy as fossil fuels."

"How are you?"

Stunning, stunning, stunning.
Oh and her accent. That's another reason.

"Fake what?"
"An orgasm?"

Around 3.00!

Fan: "Lucy, I absolutely loved your relationship with John Hannah in Gods of the Arena. I was just wondering how Lucretia will fill the void that such a dinamic relationship fullfield for her, or she will?
Lucy: "Yes, I was a bit worried about that too because we would miss John's presence. However...the filled.
Lucy: "Oh shut up. Settle down." 

Interviewer: "Was there a moment for any of you, reading the scripts, when you're like, "Oh my god, they have me doing THAT."
Lucy: "Pleeeeeease...they have me doing who?"

 Lucy: "This show is ruining my sex life."
Jaime: "I have better sex on screen than I have off. Tragic."
Lucy: "Yeah, thank you though."

If only people could recognize the importance in some of the characteristics that define her and understand and just to get half her energy, half her care and affection towards others and towards the world surrounding them, their world, our world would be for sure a better place to live. I can only hope one day I get to have a little bit of a wit like Lucy’s.
Sincerely, Rachelle.

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  1. This was awesome, fantastic .. masterly done .. Thank you!. no one has been able to define Lucy as well as you have.. my respects! :))