Thursday, November 7, 2013

Les Revenants - N'inquietéz pas

Just finished watching The Returned - it is those kind of shows you have to watch just straight up until the last episode.
It’s always hard for me to dive in these types of themes, where I have to go from ‘It is not possible’ to the idea of ‘how would I feel about it’. This show helps taking that step. I usually have a hard time, but with The Returned I started to just be interested and wanting to see what would the people do and how they react. It’s scary at first but then it is pretty addicting.

The kid, Victor, creeps the shit out of me; Julie’s story is quite reliable, as this woman feels soulless after she’s almost killed by a serial killer a few years earlier. If you don’t know Céline Sallete this is a good start. I didn’t really get some of the characters, like Lucy. Was she an early death? Of some sort? The twins are cool and quite authentic. When I was watching this I was also thinking about nudity and sex, as it still comes back, the comparisons to that famous French film. I also wonder if the dead will take Julie and the twin’s mother with them…there are a lot of stuff I’m not sure about, I guess I have to figure it out with time or whatever - this is not my type of show, but nonetheless I really liked and enjoyed it, so you probably will to. It’s intimate; it’s the least thoughtful and entertaining.

N'inquietéz pas is probably said one hundred times throughout the series.

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