Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Carol, on Set

Miss Belivet and Richard.

As I show you these recent pictures from the on going filming of Carol, Carrie Brownstein has been the most recent cast addition to the film. She'll be playing Genevieve Cranel (a minor role).

Also, I would like to point out this ordinary society standard situation that starts to occur, which is the way The Hollywood Reporter is describing the film - a lesbian drama, which I'm sure they won't be the only ones. As much as it might not be...inaccurate, it is so much more than that, it's really something more, something transcendent, something that everyone can relate to really; it's about discovering what love is and the terrifying idea of it all, it's about fighting for what's supposed to be everyone's rights, human rights, it's about the search for meaning in life, it's representing a generation, so to say it's a lesbian drama, it immediately narrows the essence of it, and it's wrong. We don't need it, I don't thing we ever really need stereotypes.

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