Monday, April 14, 2014

When did I become Us?

This week there are two major things happening on my world, and on a few other people’s worlds!
Orphan Black! It’s one thing. Cannes announcements! It’s the other thing. These are two major things. It’s the best time of the year, the best time of the year! And it’s approaching. P.S. And then it’s June…It’s fast…June, Orange is the new Black…yes.

It’s been crazy over this syllable called tumblr, where everything is Orphan Black. It’s like an event. It is in fact an event, with each day, announcing new teasers and other things.

In New York.
At Coachella.


The other week I recapped Orphan Black, watched the last five or six episodes straight. Just to catch up on my questions and doubts and NO ONE CAN’T BE TRUSTED. There are loads of conflicts. And that’s what’s so great about this show. There’s only so much you have to look for. But after reviewing the show again and again, it still hits you. I feel like literally forcing everyone to watch it. I want people to realize the talent of these people, the writers, the technical department, the acting. Their brilliant work and effort, their passion and finally this story that’s unfolding, always so heartfelt, always so compelling.
Tatiana Maslany is always so heartfelt, it’s unbelievable and beautiful and just utterly impressive. Every time I think about it it’s like I’m hit with what she actually has done and then I realize her brilliant work.

With the Cloneversation, happening this weekend, I still have a hard time dealing with the fact that when I look at Tatiana Maslany I’m in fact dealing with Sarah Allison Cosima Rachel Helena. It’s like I’m kind of always waiting for Cosima to appear or something. Evelyne Brochu has the same problems. It’s really a weird and challenging mind set, which only adds to the fun of it all. On top of being this amazing show, you have this wonderful and charming group of actors, so supporting and complementary.

Orphan Black becomes this quite special show because it’s like the underdog, the little show that can, the heartfelt one, and so people should support it for a number of reasons. Not only the show brings a poignant theme, a theme for our times, it also brings other lines such as the empowerment of women, they bring women representation, as a whole, not staying in one or two dimensions, but in various dimensions and also brings the gay, and it brings all of this in a serious and sober manner, by crossing it over, by just becoming something inherent.
So let’s support Orphan Black and all its glory.

Orphan Black, the comedy.

Orphan Black, the drama.

You're the Puppy.
A brief history.

There, the puppy history.
I am trying really really hard to not watch the teasers...

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  1. Orphan Black is one of the best series I've watched. Amazing characters and screenplay
    (A couple of days ago I found your blog while I was looking for a french film. Cool Blog. I Like it).