Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Because I really can't get over this

"Zero Dark Thirty was so upsetting it seemed to go even beyond the torture debate. I began to wonder, would people have been so personally pissed off if the director of Zero Dark Thirty had been a man? Moreover, if the lead character had been played by George Clooney do you think it would have changed anything? Would the movie be less threatening? Would sticking to the status quo have enabled people to fall in line and accept it?  Would the critics have rushed to give it their top prizes to begin with but then abandon it just as fast when the water got too high?"

Here are a few other questions from Sasha Stone, at Awards Daily, she's part of the few who tries to bring the conversation about Zero Dark Thirty to its righteous tone. What she tries to bring to the surface here is really what I was trying to say in the last post about the controversy surrounding this film, is that what this controversy really does is to deflect what the issues are in first hand, what are the real issues of those people, what are the real problems of a society. My previous post is far from being a strong one, so I take women in Hollywood like Sasha Stone who are able to write balanced words, insightful sentences that I desperately want people to remember. It is what they should be reading, it is what they should be listening instead of the media crap they might listen everyday with ignorant takes and political shyness.
Let's not shut it out. 
Kathryn Bigelow should be every girl's hero. She certainly got my admiration and praise.
Maya should be forever an example of a complex, intriguing character, but especially a female one.
Zero Dark Thirty is so much more than what appears to be, but it doesn't matter at all if a film makes a different or not as long as they're here it's what matters.

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