Thursday, January 10, 2013


Melissa Silverstein: "Everyone is going to have thoughts on why Bigelow was left out.  Is it the fact that she made a movie that has caused a lot of controversy and conversation including from many liberal folks, and that the controversy itself became the conversation rather than the accomplishment of the film?  Is it because people just don't like the movie?  Is it because the subject matters is still so recent and so raw?  Is it because there was a sexist conspiracy to undermine her abilities as a director? [...] Is there anything to the fact that she won the Oscar for The Hurt Locker a movie that didn't star a single woman, but when she makes a movie that has a female leading character she gets snubbed? [...] If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that these sexist bastards feel that they have done their duty and let a woman in the club and now they are done.  And going even further they would probably be thinking that there was NO FUCKING WAY they were going to let a woman in twice, even for a nomination.  They want to shut down this thought that women could make films worthy of getting a best director nomination. "

"I am guessing that now we will be hearing a lot more from Mark Boal since he got a screenplay nomination and a lot less from Kathryn Bigelow since she did not get a best director nomination, and I implore the people strategizing at this moment to keep putting her out as part of the conversation because it is vital that we hear a woman's voice in this process."

Read the entire article from Women and Hollywood here.

I only noticed this absence some time later. It's outrageous. I'm kidding. I haven't even seen the film. Though on a serious note, I died. This is the only thing I want to mention about the The Academy nominations. 

Ultimately, shit a brick and fuck me with it, kind of fuck.

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