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Adele, 2013



J'ai pas peur.


It’s been a really good year for Adèle Haenel.
Personally, it wasn’t a great year for me because I wasn’t able to watch her films as much as I would like.
So let's take a look:

She’s been promoting Suzanne, the film premiered at Cannes and it’s been having a successful reception.

 L’homme que l’on aimait trop.

She shoot a film with the legendary Téchiné and the perhaps greater legend that is Catherine Deneuve and also Guilaume Canet. The film it’s called L’homme que l’on aimait trop and Adèle dyed her hair brown, for the lead role. The film is in post-production, and the hope is that it will premier at Cannes too, I would actually bet. I will most definitely bet it will go to the Cannes Film Festival.

On set of Les Combattants.

And she shot more, she has more work coming. So if 2013 was a great year for her, I’m sure it will keep getting better with the next years. 

Les Combattans.

There’s a film called Les Combattants also in post production. This film sounds like a really interesting character for her to play, an interesting role for her, actually ideal. Sort of a mysterious girl with a story of her own, unpredictable and she’s joining her co-star in the lead. I hope it premieres at festivals.
Here's the synopses:

Written by the director and Claude Le Pape, the screenplay focuses on Arnaud, 17 years old and down to earth. His older brother and mother, their garden shed company, even the death of his father, Arnaud deals with it all in his own way. Without making waves. Without knowing either. On this path that he was hoping would be straight, he encounters Madeleine, 19 years old. A bloc of tense muscles, lapidary phrases and dark stares, who is preparing for a war that Arnaud is not sure he understands. How far must Arnaud go for her, since she never asked him for anything. And where should he follow her, since she is the only one who knows where she is headed?

There’s also the film called L’âme du Tigre, or L’art de la guerre, with a 2014 release, but who knows?
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Have you seen it?
There’s of course Spiritismes, which sounds like a pretty unpredictable experience. I’m curious about this, despite whatever form it might be. The idea is that it will be spread through various forms, from live streaming and at places like the MoMA. And it already started.
Take a look here.

Let's go for shorts now:

J'ai pas peur.

There’s a filmed called J’ai Pas Peur, which you can find it here, from 2011/12.

She’s also been in another play called Le Moche Voir Clair Perplexe of Marius von Mayenburg, from this December.
More info here.

Une Heure avec Alice par Jean Paul.

And again - if you're interested watch this short here.

I’m sure there are others bits and extras developing, I (and the internet) dont' know much, I’m not her agent and I don’t contact with her agents either!
For now, I am looking forward to see Suzanne. Later, I am very likely to have some extremely strong set of emotions as the year will progress and May arrives and new projects and new images will become available. I just can’t wait. I’ll probably be watching L’homme que l’on aimait trop in a year or so, but I hope not. It is one of the most exciting projects for me next year.

2014 – Adèle will rock.

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