Monday, December 2, 2013

Maria Bello - she's not out, she's in

The headlines are that Maria Bello comes out, ironically, I would rather say she's in, or that she comes in.
She wrote about her so called Modern Family in the NY Times column - here.
She's cool, I always thought she was cool. Now she's bloody awesome, not because she's in a relationship with a woman, nothing like that, but rather the fact that she raises questions, right in the NY Times, it's about these attitudes that have to force society to grow, or move forward, or at least should; it's about the questions she raises, to the open, that makes people open their minds a bit. I hope.
I always liked to watch her in films, once again I appreciated a lot in her most recent film Prisoners, so I only wish the best to her, her family and her career.

Maria Bello confirming her COOL.

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