Saturday, December 14, 2013

Doc Scene, The Roundtable

Lucy Walker, sitting next to Alex Gibney, another hero of mine these days:
"And thank you for including a female."
She said at the end of the roundtable. 
And I want to be Lucy Walker when I grow up.
This was an interesting roundtable, even though it could be more diverse, I'm not really complaining as am I clearly stating facts here, but yes, I think it was enough to make a little bit of an argument; it was an overall interesting conversation about the medium. 
For anyone interesting in the D word, this is good enough.

These Hollywood Reporter's roundtables annoy me, maybe because many times they're not that interesting and new and especially revealing, among other reasons; this year they're really on full swing, as they now include 'Breakthrough Actors' even a roundtable for 'Casting Directors', which I don't think it existed in the past, and if it did I'm sorry. This is probably what I'll be watching next. It will be interesting.

The Crash Reel, one of the documentaries of the year by Lucy Walker (and a bunch of other people).
This doc is definitely one of those docs you want to see it more than once. It's awesome, poignant and heartfelt.
This year's Sugar Man must be The Act of Killing, I mean in terms of success and critical acclaim. I still need to finish this one. It will win the Oscar (like it matters for much.)

Loved watching The Punk Singer.
Kathleen Hanna is the star.
This doc makes you want to be a feminist,
she literally makes you want to rebel.

I'm far behind with everything, but I hope to make a mention still this year, about the Doc Scene.
I can't wait to see After Tiller and many more.

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