Friday, March 14, 2014

Denials and Disappointments

I think it is really funny how Jared Leto mentions human rights, the Ukrainian fight and the people from Venezuela in his Award winning accepting speech, and then hangs out with someone like Terry Richardson, actually being best friends, with this abusive, pedophile who thinks jerking off and making young women do whatever sexual pleasures he feels like doing it's a normal thing to do, like he's legit, he has permission to do that kind of stuff. He even has a fucking assistant to record it. Well, of course he has permission, because everyone seems to allow it. It disturbs me that every fucking celebrity takes a photo with him, from Liv Tyler to Léa Seydoux to Lady Gaga and Dakota Fanning. They're all part of his denial. It's a major denial. It's sad.

Click here and let's be done with this.You shouldn't like his photos, you shouldn't encourage him and them.

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