Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Talking about Films

When one’s mind is obsessed and away, one’s mind is incapable of watching a bunch of films! So suddenly, I went from watching twenty seven films in January to ten to currently three.

In a World…
Lake Bell is too charming in here.
I like what she decided to portrait with this story of a voice over coach, who is a woman, trying to break out in a men’s world. You could say that the male dominant voice over community could represent the ultimate bigger picture, which is the male dominance in general. Too obvious?

Greetings from Tim Buckley
It is not your typical career biography. I get this film’s premise, I think I could find some recognition in the story but I also felt it was quite empty for the most part and pretty depressing.

Along with the likes of Nicole Holofcener, Alexander Payne masters the mundane, the reality, the ordinary.

It’s so delightful it feels like a light story, or a human story, as they say, but it isn’t. It is quite heavy, Philomena’s burden was quite heavy and only a mother can begin to understand her pain and her sorrow. It is a human story, a really good one.

Afternoon Delight
It’s a middle life crisis for a young married wealthy hipster couple living in California. It’s understandable, quite a truthful story I suppose. It is identifiable depending on the age you’re in but I guess there’s this one thing I can see as mainly universal and is that we’re all quite selfish, no matter what circumstances, at the end of the day what we’re doing we’re doing it for ourselves. And that’s the case for Rachel. Though if there’s someone who I think completely shatters this idea is my mother, she’s the most altruist person I’ve ever met, she does not think about herself not for one second. She genuinely always comes last in her own considerations. She will blame herself for something she’s sure she didn’t do. So what do I know? Humans are complex creatures.
Loved Kathryn Hahn.

Reaching for the Moon
Oh when a poet was a poet for a living. Oh I’m sure there are poets today making a living as poets…The thing is that poets were and are ever so rarely poets as a living. But I should mean figuratively, to live life like a poem. As a poet. Ok, I like to play with words and I’m sure I confused you. I’m talking about the protagonist of the story of course.
Elizabeth Bishop was an American poet who traveled to Brazil, out of boredom and uninspired, who fell in love with a brilliant Brazilian architect. These were two inspiring women with wonderful and complex views of the world they lived, and how they perceived it, they influenced each other, they loved each other, they lived with each other, they learned about each others’ cultures. It is what romance is supposed to be, but then it is also tragic, pretty tragic. I wished it was avoidable instead of inevitably.

The Armstrong Lie
Alex Gibney can’t seem to disappoint. I wouldn’t mind watching another hour or so, of substance. More substance. But sometimes enough is enough, which is something that isn’t in Lance Armstrong vocabulary. The truth is that he remains this fascinating human being.

! Women Art Revolution
It’s pretty amazing as I dive in this unique and particular world, desperately underground, revealing these groups of strong and unheard women. It took decades for them to be heard and maybe even today, they’re still not heard. The film helps to showcase a great number of feminist artists from the past in the United States and it is a great revelation for me, but it is also a great reminder of how long was and still is the road towards some tangible equality.

Hannah Arendt
What a powerful story, what a powerful woman. I am fascinated.

Camp Takota
These famous youtubers are really fun, but the script isn’t in any way daring. I am sure these girls are way more interesting and complex as Grace, Hannah and Mamrie because they’re a pretty good example of successful women themselves, so it’s a pity we can’t really see that in full spectrum in this story. Maybe they should try something more personal and introspective the next time. I hope they have more.

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