Monday, September 29, 2014

Locked Men

Sometimes, out of undetermined periods, comes an original film to our beloved screens that actually succeed in that originality. Locke is an example of that kind of success.
Locke might be one of those examples that simplify the meaning of simplicity, straightforwardness and obviously ambition.
Here’s a director/writer/producer that comes with an idea that he believes is interesting and worthwhile. The idea is of a man trying to redeem himself for life choices he made and trying to do what he believes is the right thing. Ivan Locke, (played by Hardy), leaves his work place, at night, walks to his car, takes the car keys, turns it on and drives, as he tries to emend his acts in a forty five minute ride. The entire film takes place in a fort five minute car journey, as he keeps saying to one of the characters, waiting for him. Locke, is the name of the character and the film, and in some strong ways, he’s locked, he’s a locked man.

This one man show locked in one place for the entirety of the film isn’t new, obviously, there are other films, some succeed and some don’t. Locke is a great example of an accomplished one. The film was shot in a week and it is solid as a rock. I would say it’s really good because I could go on talking detail after detail, that the film has done well work. From the brilliant Tom Hardy, the bear on his face, make him harder and more obstinate, his accent choice as well. He’s brilliant. I just keep loving him more and more with each project. The voices of the characters in this film are really good as well, given that it is only Ivan Locke we see, these voices are really credible, authentic and well acted. The cinematography, the tight editing, the credible script, it’s a good film, solid, consistent and pretty tight.

Other film I should add here is the brilliant Starred Up.
Starred Up is another solid piece of work, entertaining as hell, and with another British dude I love more and more since his Skins days, Jack O’Connell. It is one of those films you feel the amount of dedication given to the script and the passion for the project that exudes from the moment it starts. Great phenomenal film.

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