Monday, September 29, 2014

The use of the word of God

God Loves Uganda
It is the confirmation of what was already known, but from the inside. With a documentary like Call Me Kuchu, you can see glimpses and at the same time direct manifestations of those involved and opposed to the LGBT causes, God Loves Uganda takes us to these people, from their congregations in the US, to the big leader or speaker or whatever you want to call it and the people that travel to foreign countries to do their awful work. I’m talking about these missionaries, from United States in this case, that travel to undeveloped African countries like Uganda preaching nonsense. It is a really upset thing to watch. The fact is that this shit is nothing but economic oriented and then political. They want to spread the word of God, but they’re not really doing that, they’re using these people for their own profit and then adding with retarded and archaic ideas. No one should use the word of God like they do, they’re actually using the word of God for their own profit; they’re taking the word of God to do whatever they want. And they just fuck up the world this way. For example, one of the points the documentary makes is the evident results in a long term that has been hurting Uganda’s society, like the way AIDS is spreading at unprecedented rates and other more directly damaging repercussions.

I mean, people aren’t dumb, including the people from Uganda. Just because their country is undeveloped, in terms of economy or infrastructures, doesn’t mean someone can’t distinguish what’s right and what’s wrong. They’re conscious, there are “normal” people who think straightforward, who respect each other and are actually religious and still use condoms. You know what I mean? Who don’t think homosexuality is a sin. We have to make a strong point about this. We need to remember that.

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