Monday, September 29, 2014

The older the better

The childish they get.

Is it the end for us? Eleven years after L'Auberge Espagnole? And Russian Dolls?
Chinese Puzzle.

It is a guilty pleasure, only in the sense that, deep down, I know the film is full of the fantasy.
Look at them! They’re all better looking now, as adults. They look like teenagers in An Apartment in Spain and young adults in Russian Dolls.

There’s an interesting contrast in this film. It sort of collides two opposing forces – giggling vs. harsh realities. Isn’t this always a good combination? In other words, the meaning and circumstances of being a foreigner and/or an immigrant in quite an expensive place like New York City and the light approach or the easiness of it all. If you’re looking for a harsh social drama this isn’t it. Now I might say, if you’ve been through those hard realities, some tougher than others, and if you’re able to hide that part in a corner of your brain, this happens to be just about a film for everyone to enjoy!

Cécile de France being hilarious.

There’s this positive membrane that radiates the story with irresistible wit and hopefulness. So, even though it is really hard to come by in a foreign place, I guess if you’re a successful writer that has been making a lot of money like Romain Duris’ Xavier has, and even if you weren’t, people can do whatever they want if they really want to…especially for their kids.
I believe Chinese Puzzle is a really sweet, enjoyable and a great end to this trilogy that started with a group of young adults going through their first life choices in foreign places and trying to study in the meantime. 

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