Friday, January 13, 2012


The old year ends with lists and the New Year starts with other lists. I will not make one though; I’m just going to mention some films and I choose this one as the first – “Haywire”.

I don’t know, it seems…Ok, who am I kidding? A leading girl kicking ass that looks actually tough (at this point, I don’t really care if the story is superfluous). Seriously, it looks really cool and I’m dying to see it.
Here’s what Soderberg told a film journalist when he asked him if he met Gina. “Don’t say the wrong thing, she’s very strong”!

Since I’m talking about Soderberg, here’s one of the most curious films I’m expecting this year.

Magic Mike – it’s about a male stripper that is taken under the more experienced colleagues.
What? You’re not curious? Not every day you see stories about male strippers. 

It's already making me laugh.

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