Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sundance Film Festival 
It starts tomorrow until January 30. Unfortunately I won't be able to look at it carefully on a daily bases, but I will be doing some antecipating. 
Here's some of the films (not necessarily in order of interest):

Brit Marling - she came and just ripped off my guts. Maybe too much. But I definitely like her. She likes to believe in the possible intervention of films and its themes in society. 
Synopsis: On the verge of his sixtieth birthday, hedge fund king Robert Miller tries to sell his company before his terrible fraud can be discovered.
Cast (of personal interest) - Besides Brit Marling, Laetitia Casta...

The film that comes 'after' Bridesmaids. Kirsten Dunst couldn't control her laugh as she was mentioning this film in an interview; it was really funny and she had a great time doing it.
: Three friends discover that the girl they tormented as 'Pig-Face' in high school is getting married before them, and that they've been asked to be bridesmaids.

Cast (of personal interest) - Lizzy Caplan.

"For A Good Time Call"
It looks really fun, because it can go anywhere, really. Written by Lauren Miller and Katie Anne Naylon.

Synopsis: Two college acquaintances move in together only for one girl to discover that the other has a secret job...
Stars - The writer Lauren Miller and her boyfriend Seth Rogen. Among others.

"Hello I Must Be Going"
Synopsis: A divorced 35-year-old moves back in with her parents, only to begin a relationship with a boy close to her half her age.
Cast (of personal interest) - Melanie Lynskey.

"Liberal Arts"
I really enjoyed his last film and this story keeps me interested.
Synopsis: An uninspired, drifting thirtysomething goes back to his college to bid farewell to a famous professor, only to meet, and fall for, a precocious young sophomore.
Cast (of personal interest) - Martha Marcy...I mean, Elizabeth Olsen.

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