Friday, January 20, 2012


They keep coming. Antecipating films from this year's Sundance Film Festival.

"Nobody Walks"
Written by Ry Russo-Young and Lena Dunham.

Synopsis: A 23-year old artist arrives in LA to stay in a family's pool house as she finishes her movie, but her presence brings out warring impulses in everyone around her.    
Cast (of personal interest) - Jane Levy.

"The End of Love"
I know this is nothing like Blue Valentine, but reminds me a little. Mark Webber writes and directs the film and it sounds heartbreaking.
Synopsis: An out-of-work actor is forced to become a single father when his son's mother suddenly passes away.

Stars - Mark Webber and his son.

Synopsis: Kate & Charlie, a hard-partying, borderline alcoholic married couple, have their relationship tested when Kate decides to get sober.
Cast (of personal interest) - Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Nick Offerman (RON FUCKING SWANSON), his wife Megan Mullally and Octavia Spencer.

"The Words"
: A struggling writer passes off a lost manuscript as his own, only to find the decision coming back to haunt him.

"Shadow Dancer"
I’m so interested in this film’s story, besides being directed by James Marsh. One the most interesting films I’m looking for this year.
Synopsis: A single mother in the IRA is captured by MI5, and forced to turn informant against her terrorist colleagues.

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