Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oscar Season

As a turning point I decided to stop reading articles (maybe partially). I’ll be too aware of the films and not being able to enjoy them, since I will only see the majority of them these days. I know enough.

Last December I watched European Film Awards Live with The King’s Speech being kicked in the ass by others. Denmark is clearly the European Country winner. Best Film – Melancholia; Best Director - Susanne Bier; including the Award given to the actor Mads Mikkelsen for Achievement in World Cinema. 
Next day I’m watching British Film Independent Film Awards (BIFA) Live, a complete different atmosphere. Like they said, it was a dark year in films but the show was entertaining enough to overcome that. On a surprising note, Lynne Ramsay wins the award Best Director, beating all the guys. Including Steve McQueen, Paddy Considine, Thomas Alfredson.

In case you lost track:
(December) Day 13 – Critics Choice Awards (Boring). They are all there, the “Oscar films”. Again, it’s boring.
The winners are announced this Thursday.

(December) Day 14 – SAG Awards. At least this one surprises a little, for better or worse. You know who gets a nomination? Carla Bruni. Yes, Midnight in Paris got a nomination. Jessica Chastain is in, fair enough. Every award given is the least they can do. Melissa McCarthey is in, which is...funny. No sight of Keira Knightley.
Winners announced January 29.

(December) Day 15 – Golden Globes Nominations. Not exciting, really. At all (so why the hell am I discussing it?) But turns out to be pretty sweet, my dear friend Angelina Jolie gets recognition for her film. A nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. George Clooney is the king, getting nominations from Best Actor to Best Film, Director and Screenplay. Also standing out – Ryan Gosling gets a double, as well as Kate Winslet. 50/50 is in and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is out. Except for Rooney Mara, which is nice she seemed to work pretty hard for it. What else can I say? The family is all here. They’re all in. What it means these Hollywood nominations? For film business people get together in a fancy night out to catch up, funny fact. Go ask them how they feel about the nominations and they’ll tell you this!
The fancy night will be this Sunday.

Day 18 - Satellite Awards Winners.

(Januray) Day 3 - Producers Guild Awards nominations. Day 4 - Art Directors Guild Awards nominations. Day 5 - Writers Guild Awards nominations. Day 9 - Directors Guild Awards. This only helps to knowledge once again this year’s unpredictableness.
Day 24 - It's a great way to start the morning with Jennifer Lawrence announcing The Academy Awards nominations.

Actor’s run.

It is obvious that this year’s Oscars aren’t about women! It’s about Dads and they are: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Michael Shannon.
Then there are the “tour the force” performances – Ryan Gosling in Drive and The Ides of March; Michael Fassbender in Shame and Woody Harrelson in Rampart.
Likely to be in are Jean Dujarchin in The Artist; Leonardo Dicaprio in J.Edgar.
Unlikely to get in – Gary Oldman, Matt Damon, Michael Shannon, Ryan Gosling, Woody Harrelson.

Supporting Roles – it seems pretty solid for Christopher Plummer but then comes Albert Brooks with his performance in Drive. So, who knows?
One thing I’m sure, none of this is certain. Which is good, otherwise where were the surprises we like so much?

I’m just hopefully eager to enjoy films. 

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