Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blockbuster Invasion - The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Continuing on this blockbuster Invasion, it became pretty clear that the race has now started. And it couldn’t start at a higher state. Now that The Hunger Games established a staggering record, in the middle of a world crises, I actually shouldn’t mention it because on a certain level the last few years the box office records seemed to have been all shattered. It’s in Avatar, the world’s most seen film. It’s in The Dark Knight, it’s in The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter also breaking Midnight records and it doesn’t stop. Now with The Hunger Games. I say on a certain level because this happens fewer times, but when it happens it happens big. So what will happen with The Dark Knight Rises, or with Prometheus, or with Spider Man or The Hobbit? Will people have the money for all of them? Will The Dark Knight Rises be as successful as its previous one? The challenge it’s pretty huge.
The talk started early on, right in the cast, Jennifer Lawrence being the chosen one. From this moment on this film began its rollercoaster of promotion. And now it proved it worked pretty damn well. The book series are much loved and appreciated and from the moment the teaser came out the book sells doubled.

Aside Note: Just a reminder that my reviews are based on a personal (more than the usual personal) approach. Maybe I should be considering quitting this attitude, I know. But I try to be as fairly universal as possible.

The story centers on Katniss Everdeen, when she volunteers to participate in The Hunger Games, where twelve districts fight to death on live television. It’s a strange world but the feelings and the fight it’s pretty much the same. There’s love, there’s sacrifice and there’s belief. While watching this film, I was trying to figure out these different worlds and I really tried to find meaning in all those colors and patterns. Especially the fantasy part, I mean, the word fantasy itself. I surely became interested in the books; maybe I would actually prefer and enjoy the books better than the film. And I’ll try to explain this now.

It’s just really difficult for me to be fulfilled with a film like The Hunger Games, even if how well made it can be. It can’t seem to satisfy me in that particular emotional level, even if I can find meaning and relations in this story with our ‘real world’. Because I feel bad when I can’t have a positive position in the theaters when watching this film for its fantasy side and I am hopelessly drawn to films like Like Crazy, where the fantasy is still there, it is still fiction. Until at least half the film I was in this negative attitude, so I develop this other senses when I’m watching a film like The Hunger Games. I pay too much attention to the technical aspect (I found a bit tiring the camera movement); I pay attention to certain details that maybe shouldn’t matter, like when the horn didn’t blow when Rue died (I heard a lot of sobbing during this scene.)
Maybe it’s the predictability of the genre. And maybe it's the way I want to take it seriously. But I do wish I could enjoy it more, because I liked some moments from The Hunger Games. I enjoyed the relentless effort of the leading girl Katniss Everdeen, I liked her fight and strength. She was a great heroine.

Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t annoying and she showed her maturity. She’s real, she’s emotional and she’s a regular girl. “I look at Kristen Stewart now and I think, "I'd never want to be that famous". I can't imagine how I'd feel if all of a sudden my life was pandemonium.” It’s ironic. I’m afraid she just fell in that position. Maybe on a different level, but yes, she’s now on that road. Which makes me sad in a way, but why should I bother?
The Hunger Games is a solid piece of action, where a futuristic story takes place. I believe it’s for all ages and it surely breaks some records being already an international sensation and being lead by a female character. Many people may not even notice this little detail but it is really a huge detail.

Probably my favorite moment.

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