Monday, March 26, 2012

Girls from Albatross

What a lovely and charming film. It tells the story of two young adults trying to cope with their transition to responsibility. It really is a plain coming of age story.
Jessica Brown Findlay plays Amelia, the provocative rebel with an undeniably attractive appearance and Felicity Jones plays the nerd and solitary girl. Here are a few things I want to remark from this very lovely film, or more precisely, from these two talented actresses.

I just need to state this – I already surrendered to both, and especially to Jessica Brown Findlay. It’s great how her career is starting. Albatross is her first feature film and she’s absolutely irresistible and charming, which are very similar words…then there’s her first work in television, which is nothing less than Downton Abbey, the most acclaimed British series of the past years, which I also absolutely love. So yes, I’m saying nothing new, just stating the obvious. Everyone wants her. She just got a leading role for “Winter’s Tale”.

About Felicity Jones – as of recently, she tends to play roles of teenagers and young adults and she’s incredibly real and authentic!
In Flashbacks of a Fool she’s a twenty five year old playing a sixteen year old! 
In Chalet Girl she plays a 19 year old who quit school to support her father.
In Albatross she’s a 17 year old going to Oxford (where she actually majored).
In Like Crazy she’s also a college student, although the years pass in this film …
Ok, Page Eight she’s a young adult, it gets closer to her actual age, which was 27, but you couldn’t tell, right? This is really interesting and funny (probably just for me), she’s two years older than Keira Knightley. 

British talent is constant...and I love it.

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