Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women in Hollywood

I wanted to dedicate this day to leading ladies, to characters like Clarice Starling. Actually I would dedicate this day to Jodie Foster and women like her. 

I miss Jodie Foster. I adore her. It also reminds me of how much I admire her. I look at her and I remember immediately her films and the always strong roles she played. Her toughness and strength in Little Man Tate. She refuses to be just the fragile woman, much less powerless. She even takes men's roles and turns it around, like in Fightplan. She needs to be taken and emerge both intellectually and physically into a strong female role, like in Nell. And she uses her body seemingly unconsciously in every role she plays, like in Panic Room, like in The Brave One and so on. She takes roles that matter, no matter how frightful they can be, like in The Accused or even in The Silence of the Lambs. So it was really good to watch her in the Golden Globes and specially to see her work with The Beaver and her marvelous performance in Carnage. 

I feel proud when I look at her. She gives me will and confidence as a strong and independent woman.

So yes, I would love to see more leading roles for women. 
For your consideration (studio producers/screenwriters) we want more of these roles. Because think about it, put a group of women together and it will get messy and crazy and purely entertaining. 8 Femmes comes to my mind in an instant. I want more Jodie Fosters and Clarice Starlings.

Think about it. Young Ault - Messy and purely entertaining.

 Think of Helen Mirren and her boldness.

Delicate and strong.


 The Whistleblower

Meryl Streep in Silkwood.

 Coming of age.

Women come in very different shapes and have many different attitudes...some tend to forget.

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